Thursday, November 8, 2007

Texas Book Festival

Here's a picture of the authors at the YA evening event called Not for Required Reading last Saturday, November 3, as part of the Texas Book Festival.
R-L: Jacques Couvillon, Cynthia Leitich Smith, Perry Moore, Neal Shusterman, April Lurie, Adrienne Kress, Brian Yansky, & Sherman Alexie.


Patti said...

This was such a fun event. I liked the venue - it was better than the coffee shop last year because of the comfy chairs. And I love that it filled up so quickly that there wasn't even any standing room left.

All the authors were really interesting. Even the ones I weren't expecting to care about piqued my interest in their books.

And I sincerely hope that Sherman Alexie does the audio version of his book himself. His reading was fantastic - it was exactly what I was hearing in my head as I read the book. I would be disappointed if anyone else read it.

Good job Joanna! I credit you with everything running so smoothly!!!

joanna said...

Why thank you! And I totally agree about Sherman! I DO have video of him reading. I should post it here. That boner passage is so funny.

The picture came out darker than I thought. I may try to re-load it later. I'm sad not to have any pictures of Linda Sue Parks, Gail Carson Levine, Kim Willis Holt or Deborah Wiles, who were also in the audience as YA groupies.