Saturday, June 23, 2007

Dark Hours - Gudrun Pausewang

A WWII story told from a young German girl's perspective. She lives in a town that is on the Russian front and she along with her family pack some essentials and flee to another city. En route they are bombed by the allies and must wait it out in an bomb shelter. Unfortunately the bomb shelter isn't all that great and it collapses, leaving Giselle and her 3 younger siblings trapped in a bathroom. Most of the story takes place during this time as they hang out in the dark, rationing their food, and attempting to get someone's attention so they can be rescued. They're only down there for a day or two, but it will seem like SOOO much longer when you read the book.

This book lacked the emotional punch one expects from WWII books.
And except for a brief mention in the introduction, there is no mention whatsoever of the holocaust, genocide, or uncountable crimes against humanity that were committed during this war. The whole thing just left me cold.

Save your time and just re-read The Book Thief.

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