Friday, April 11, 2008

Let's Go Back to Sweet Valley, Shall We?

Back by popular demand, your friendly Sweet Valley High correspondent, with the dish on Secrets, the second book in the updated Sweet Valley series.

Here's the plot: To win the homecoming queen crown, Jessica will do anything to discredit Enid Rollins's reputation, and there's an ugly rumor about the star football player and the French teacher. Who wins? Who cares. Is there something between Ken and Ms. Dalton? Who cares. I know you'd rather hear about all the trendy crap they have.


  • Hawaiian-print Roxy dress worn by Jessica
  • Ralph Lauren sweater and distressed jeans worn by Bruce
  • Juicy Couture sweat suit worn by Enid
  • Roberto Cavalli referenced by Lila
  • Platform sandals worn by Lila
  • Black wrap dress worn by Jessica

I realize that the sandals and the wrap dress have no designer name attached to them, but Lila and Jessica wore them, and clearly they would never, ever, ever wear something that wasn't fabulously trendy.


  • Messenger bags carried by Jessica and Enid
  • Tan obtain in Cabo by Lila
  • Martinis inhaled by Lila and the others at the martini tasting party
  • Ronnie Edwards as worn on Jessica's arm at the homecoming dance

I find it amusing that Jessica finds Enid dull and annoying and clearly out of fashion, but they both carry messenger bags. Maybe Enid's has Dora the Explorer on it and it just got left out of the description...


  • Email sent between Enid and George and subsequently forwarded to Ronnie by Jessica
  • Email sent to the Oracle staff to complain about the rumored relationship between Ken and Ms. Dalton
  • Photoshop software used to create incriminating photo of Ken and Ms. Dalton
  • iPod used by Olivia Davidson while working on the Oracle web site
  • Video yearbook ostensibly filmed in part at the dance
  • Cell phones carried by, well, everyone

You will note that Olivia has maintained her offbeat reputation in the new version and listens to crunchy folk music. Whew. I know I was worried.

Trendy Pop Culture:

  • "He's totally crushing" catchphrase said by Elizabeth to Enid about George
  • Reference to Heroes by Winston in French class
  • Cadillac XLR Roadster still driven by Bruce
  • Chocolate allergies suffered by Lila
  • Maxim magazine mentioned at least twice, once by Elizabeth
  • Prince William as an excellent crush
  • Jake Gyllenhaal as another crush
  • Martini tasting party hosted by Lila
  • Abercombie model looks sported by George
  • Evil carbs as avoided by Jessica and anyone else concerned with the perfect size 4

I rolled my eyes so far back in my head about the "he's totally crushing" remark that I'm still trying to get them back in the right place. And I'm still shocked that the Porsche is no longer considered a cool car. I guess I'm old.

Still, I can't wait until the third book, Playing with Fire, is released. There's lots of potential for fun and trendy items in that one, too.


Patti said...

Maybe Enid didn't wear her messenger bag right. Or maybe it wasn't actually a messenger bag. Maybe it had, god forbid, handles and a removable strap. Quell Horror!

Kerry said...

That's an excellent point. Perhaps she wore it like a fanny pack or something...