Thursday, February 25, 2010

Megan Whalen Turner Is Awesome

March 23 marks the release date for A Conspiracy of Kings. For those of you unfamiliar with this series, you have ample time to go to your library and check out The Thief, The Queen of Attolia and The King of Attolia and read them before #4.

This series sat on my To Read list for three years. While I wish I had read these books ages ago, I did have the benefit of plowing through all 3 one after the other. AND book #4 is due in less than a month. Hardly any waiting! Hooray!

Fans of the series, did you know that you can read a few chapters on HarperCollins' site?

As an impatient reader, I really had to slow myself down to read these books. If you like puzzles and hidden clues and getting to a crucial point in the book and realizing "Oh snap. That was why we heard about that ... 2 books ago, 5 chapters ago" this is the series for you. Megan Whalen Turner rewards the careful reader. Looks, names, seemingly minor events all matter. Deliciously rich. Undoubtedly brilliant. And the romance. Yes, of course. It's not what the series is about, but I found it very Austen-like in the total sexiness of people who don't touch each other. Or look at each other. Or frankly much like each other.

Now shoo. Go put these books on hold. I envy your reading experience.

*also, here's the article Amy may mention in the comments.


Amy said...

I still haven't read THE KING OF ATTOLIA yet because I know that once I read that, and A CONSPIRACY OF KINGS...there's going to be....nothing....left. I'm going to feel so empty so I'm holding off but I don't want to! KING OF ATTOLIA is sitting right next to me right now TEMPTING me.. And Megan Whalen Turner is the most amazing-est author ever.

I read an interview w/ her from November 2009, and it says that there will be a BOOK 5 and BOOK 6!!!! Well, she said there "should be" but I'm going to be extremely hopeful here... Given the rate at which she churns out books though, I'd say the earliest we can expect it is 2014? :D

joanna said...

I will look for that interview because Patti told me the same thing. Yes, it is the trouble with series - long periods of time between titles. What to do?! We love Kathleen Duey here at Oops and it was torture to wait the couple years between Skin Hunger and Sacred Scars. Makes me happy when authors like Suzanne Collins have them all pretty much ready to go so we get one a year!

Patti said...

I can't believe I left my copy of The Thief at home yesterday. I plowed through half of it and then...had to wait an entire day to return to it. I'm loving it, possibly even more, on my re-read.

You know, it is frustrating to wait so long - but these books are so well crafted it is worth the wait. I don't think there is a word wasted or out of place in them.

And Dang it! I can't wait until the third Skin Hunger book. These series will do me in.

Amy said...

I love the Resurrection of Magic trilogy as well! 2011 the third book comes out, I can't wait! I follow Kathleen's blog to watch for any tidbit of news I can find regarding the third book :)

It is pretty frustrating to wait, but as long as I have the assurance and 100% confirmation that a fifth book WILL come out, then I can wait for a pretty long time!

And here's the interview:

missprint said...

I can't wait to read A Conspiracy of Kings!

The publishers have a great trailer for the book on their blog ( and are apparently giving away ten signed copies to winning suggestions for a series name (