Tuesday, April 13, 2010

TLA 2010

Happy Naitonal Library Week! The ladies of Oops are celebrating... by leaving our patrons and libraries and going off to party in San Antonio. See ya!

We'll be at the Texas Library Association Annual Conference Wed-Saturday. So many great programs and authors, so many good times. That is, when we aren't working for the conference. Not only are we fans, we are also active members helping out the Young Adult Round Table (YART). Hey, someone has to moderate the panel for Patricia McCormick, Ryan Smithson & Marc Aronson. That's one of my lucky jobs. Patti has some behind-the-scenes publisher contacting, Michelle has to wrangle the panel of Delacorte Dames & Dude, and Jenn H will be making her first foray into TLA as a Lone Star Reading List member. Jenn F and Rach are Team Exhibit Floor Divas where no booth will go unplundered. (But they are very nice and polite. None of that grabby grabby garbage that we unfortunately see. It ain't all giveaways people!) Take me to the air-conditioned, pollen-free convention center. Lead me to the flavored popcorn. I heart TLA.

I'll post some pictures if I can.


Patti said...

I am so ready to get there! Looking forward to our pre-conference program and all the excellent author panels TLA features every year. And, yeah, the exhibit hall isn't too shabby either!

Kerry said...

I would like to point out that I did not get to go to TLA. :)