Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Haiku Reviews Part II

So I've been reading a lot, but have a major case of the lazies. Here are two reviews of books I've read recently that I loved. I'm almost positive both of these will be on our library system's Mock Printz.
As Easy As Falling Off the Face of the Earth – Lynne Rae Perkins

An improbable
number of things go wrong…you’ll
be charmed through and through.

Ship Breaker – Paolo Bacigalupi

Best dystopian
names and slang I’ve ever read.
Story's not bad either ;)

(i'm counting story's as one syllable. I couldn't decide if it was one or two, so heck, one it is!)

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Kerry said...

I've read a few interesting ones lately, and I, too, am lazy. I am even too lazy to write an haiku. Way too much work... ;)

Patti said...

If they aren't terribly inspired, they're not too much work!

Kerry said...

You know me. I'm too anal retentive not to spend hours writing one. Totally crazy of me, I realize.