Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Enchanted Ivy by Sarah Beth Durst

Lily loves Princeton. Her Grandfather went there, her father went there, it has been a part of her life since she was born. So when she's presented a challenge by a secret society to find a special key, she accepts. The prize, after all, is guaranteed admission to the school.

This was a fun book. Gargoyles that talk, a stone dragon, a secret gateway into another world, not to mention all those dark family secrets that Lily stumbles onto.

I must admit I spent a good part of the book yelling, "your [name removed] is eeeeeeeevil! Why can't you see?!" But I'm not going to tell you if I'm right or not. Just that the suspicion was definitely there.

Spoilers=== I really liked the parallels between the magic creatures who fed off of humans and the knights who fed off the magic creature. And I was also referring to the grandfather being eeeeeeevil. I'm not sure I bought his redemption at the end. I prefer to think of him as baddun. But, you know, maybe I'll get over it someday. ====end of spoilers

Book Source: Review copy from publisher

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