Monday, January 10, 2011

Joanna and Patti Discuss....The ALA YOUTH MEDIA AWARDS 2011!

After a false start where I watched last year’s awards for several minutes until a severe sense of déjà vu prompted me to realize, I had, indeed, seen all this before…Joanna and I got down to business.

Full list of winners posted at ALA.

Patti: so are you listening to the pretty music? Pre-Announcements are on! (and it is the right year this time I promise…however, we got a new keyboard and it is not all that was promised)

Joanna: LOL - I just got a text from Alison. She was making sure we were watching.

Patti: Excellent! I support our nation's libraries by going to work each day. Way to go me!

Joanna: Got James hooked up with a Thomas the Tank video - it's the Christmas one, but he doesn't care. Go Patti! I support by going to my library and having to buy comic books when Sam spills hot chocolate on them.

Patti: Hah! Alex awards...

Joanna: Always a good list. Top 10

Patti: I have never heard of the boy who couldn't sleep…or breaking night. Where have I been? Hmmm, I have not heard of that one either...Good Gravy! Color me LAME. I vow to read every single one.

Joanna: I heard of the Lemon Cake one. And the Harvard memoir. AND Room. Have I read? No.

Patti: EH. Except maybe Room. That one sounds scary.

Joanna: Yes.

Patti: I did try to read The Vanishing and didn't finish.

Joanna: Well, that is a start.

Patti: an inauspicious one.

Joanna: Oh good, I love when they show people.

Patti: Me too, much better

Joanna: Long speeches also give me the opportunity to finish my coffee and biscotti.

Patti: I like her hat. She looks sharp (and yes it is great for that! Did you make your biscotti?)

Joanna: (No - My friend Natasha who lives in Chicago makes them. She does it as a hobby and brought some to my parents' for Christmas. I think the one I just had was peanut butter and chocolate.)

Patti: (Goodness. YUM!)

Joanna: ALA President. It's also a good time to check on the toddler. He's content.

Patti: Excellent.

Joanna: It's a gray and rainy day here, but it isn't cold yet.

Patti: Didn't we have a dean named Roberta? But she had dark hair. Cold here too. Clap clap clap. Let's get on with it people!

Joanna: We did! She was great. Hello? Uh oh.

Patti: why uh oh?

Joanna: Google's back. It went offline for me.

Patti: Google! Crew up!

Joanna: Yes yes. Move along move along. Crew up!!!

Patti: Schneider!

Joanna: Schneider Family Book Awards - embodies the artistic expression of the disability experience. AWESOME!

Patti: The Pirate of Kindergarten. That is a cute one. (my keyboard is killing me)

Joanna: The Pirate of Kindergarten! Lynne Avril illustrated my cousin's fabulous Every Cowgirl Needs a Horse.

Patti: Nice!

Joanna: Boo keyboard! Middle School. Aw, Jordan Sonnenblick is cute.

Patti: (just means more editing before we post i suppose)

Joanna: After Ever After by Sonnenblick. Teen...

Patti: That's nice. Interesting that it is like a sequel/companion. Don't see too many of those get honored.

Joanna: 5 Flavors of Dumb

Patti: that is a terrible title.

Joanna: Don't know it.

Patti: I think it made tayshas - don't quote me on that though. God, I have the worst memory.

Joanna: New Stonewall Children's and YA Lit Award. Will Grayson?

Patti: good guess.

Joanna: Ha!! Will Grayson it is!

Patti: Honor for Will Grayson! Love Drugged - never heard of it.

Joanna: I really like covers with collages - it looks like a rip on Margo's book.

Patti: it does. Freaks and Revelations and The Boy in the Dress makes up the last 2 honors.

Joanna: Oh - Almost Perfect by Brian Katcher for the wind.

Patti: ALMOST PERFECT! Great book.

Joanna: I have heard of that one.

Patti: Very good story. Very well written. Logan was a superb character

Joanna: I remember you talking about it.

Patti: I don't remember this award being on here last year. Was it?

Joanna: No, it was new this year. I'm fairly certain.

Patti: (my feet are soooo cold)

Joanna: (Crew up!)

Patti: (LOL ok.)

Joanna: Coretta Scott King Book Awards - African American authors and illustrators that promote the understanding of all people.

Patti: Will Williams-Garcia sweep the awards?

Joanna: I wouldn't mind.

Patti: I really hope it does.

Joanna: So this year is a Virginia Hamilton Award for Lifetime Achievement...Dr. Henrietta Mays Smith. Aw, a library school professor.

Patti: Congrats! That's exciting. And cool. 1948! That is when she started her career. Dang! John Steptoe for new talent: Zora and Me. Sonia Lynn Sadler - Seeds of Change. Looks beautiful. Illustrator: Jimi Sounds like a rainbow - Javaka Steptoe

Joanna: I'd like to point out that TWO Florida connections have won: Dr. Mays and Zora & Me. Last year was a Texas Sweep. Maybe Florida will take some home this year.

Patti: Dave the Potter wins. (the other was an honor)

Joanna: I love Dave the Potter! Author Honors: WDM - Lockdown

Patti: Interesting. Good for him, he’s lovely

Joanna: Ninth Ward! (I've been meaning to read that.)

Patti: Yummy - I was a little cold on that one.

Joanna: Drum roll

Patti: YAY!!!! One Crazy Summer!!!!!! Sweep! Sweep! Sweep!

Joanna: Score one for ONE CRAZY SUMMER.

Patti: Love that book - I hope it wins Newbery. I've got my fingers crossed.

Joanna: YALSA is UP

Joanna: Odyssey Award - ALISON!

Patti: Woot! Alison!
4 honors: Alchemy and Meggy Swan. Knife of never letting go (woot woot woot)
Revolution (I've been meaning to read this one). Will Grayson, Will Grayson (i'm not sure i could take the audio. lol). The True Meaning of Smekday for the win. Didn't Michelle love this book?

Joanna: I think so.

Patti: Alison Ann!

Joanna: I love Adam Rex, but I never read this one. Sam loves his poetry/picture books.
Patti: Margaret A. Edwards...

Joanna: LOL - I giggled, too. Alison, I'm now calling you Alison Ann. Any guesses?
John Green - LOL

Patti: heh.


Patti: Excellent choice. Terry Pratchett. It really is a perfect choice.

Joanna: Seriously.

Patti: I haven't read his latest. Really we should pick a series of his and tag-team blog it
So much to do for 2011. William C Morris...DEBUT!

Joanna: Yes - that might be better than trying to keep up with 2011 - we go back and read standards.

Patti: I want Hold Me Closer, Necromancer to win. Go go go!

Joanna: Hush, Guardian of the Dead - don't know.

Patti: Heard of, haven't read. Good for Carolrhoda to get on an awards list.
I think it was their first year publishing YA.

Joanna: And a win for them!

Patti: Freak Observer for the win.

Joanna: Good heavens, YALSA has a gazillion awards. Excellence Nonfiction

Patti: KKK for the Non Fiction?

Joanna: Maybe - I honestly couldn't finish that one.

Patti: People seem apeshit for that one. I haven't read it.

Joanna: It has one of the best covers ever. Alright Janis Joplin for the win.

Patti: Janis Joplin! Dang! Surprise to me. Probably a very good biography.

Joanna: She's a new author?

Patti: (and many awards)

Joanna: Oh hey, hi Jeanette!

Patti: PRINTZ!!! Let's see how we do.

Joanna: Honors -4

Patti: Stolen – haven’t read

Joanna: Please Ignore Vera Dietz / A.S. King

Patti: Please Ignore Vera Dietz - couldn't get my hands on

Joanna: HA! Revolver!

Patti: Interesting!

Joanna: Never read it, but I have it in my bag. NOTHING!

Patti: NOTHING!! It needed an honor. Ahhhhhhh dying to know.
YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ship Breaker totally deserved this. Nothing else compared this year. Can't wait to hear his speech. The author seems so interesting.

Joanna: He'll be at TLA. We get him first! Or you. You get him first.

Patti: So awesome. We do. TLA rocks. Aren't you coming?

Joanna: Yes, but not for the whole conference. I need to email you all about days. I know you all are busy workin'.

Patti: We were under the impression you'd be visiting us...ahem.

Joanna: Oh, I'm coming.

Patti: ok, good.

Joanna: (Baby check time. Ah, PBS. Thank you.)

Patti: Pura Belpre....


Patti: 15 years! Quince!

Joanna: Pam Munoz Ryan AGAIN? Let's see.

Patti: Red Umbrella?

Joanna: That would be a Florida connection book.

Patti: heh.

Joanna: Francisco X Stork? ILLUSTRATION

Patti: that one is soooo cute!

Joanna: Fiesta Babies! James LOVES LOVES LOVES this book. He likes it when they eat salsa and chips. Me Frida. Dear Primo. Award for Illustration

Patti: I think Stork has a great chance for the author.

Joanna: Grandma's Gift by Eric Velasquez

Patti: (I hope I'm not late for work this is longer than I remember)

Joanna: (How much time do you have?)

Patti: (45 mins. I should be fine.)

Joanna: (Yep.)

Patti: (But I won't be early, which is stressful lol) OK…TEXT:

Joanna: Honor Text: Ole Flamenco. Of course, Margarita Engle - The Firefly Letters
90 Miles to Havana (ahem, Florida connection)

Patti: And the winner is...The Dreamer!

Joanna: Can't deny PMR. What about her for the Newbery?

Patti: I was not a huge fan, sadly

Joanna: Pablo Neruda is not a subject I would have picked up for a young kid.

Patti: I hope not for Newbery, only because I didn't like it. I didn't even like Sis' illustrations. (may lightening not strike me down)

Joanna: Ha! Holy Moly - I had no idea that Sally was on the committee!

Patti: Me neither! Go Sally!

Joanna: Secrets!

Patti: What is this award? My Hill Arbuthnot lecture award...Peter Sis (and I just dissed you....egad! sorry!) I am a fan, I promise!

Joanna: It's pretty funny.

Patti: Mildred L. Batchelder...translation award..Nothing! (guessing here)

Joanna: Oh good.

Patti: honor: Departure Time

Joanna: Nothing for the 2nd honor

Patti: Go Nothing! Take that! Have not heard of: A Time of Miracles for the win
But it is a sweeping novel so that's got to be good. heh.

Joanna: Oh the Sibert Medal. Forgot what with the YALSA NF Award
Documentable Factual Information for Children. 2 Honors: Ballet for Martha: Making Appalachian Spring. Layfayette and the American Revolution.
Kakapo Rescue: Saving the World's Strangest Parrot

Patti: What a funny title! Kakapo! makes me giggle.

Joanna: sure does!

Patti: (Sounds like something that would come out of Charlie’s mouth. He's very into baby talk. It is sweeping his daycare.) Laura Ingalls Wilder Award:

Joanna: Aw, Tomi dePaola

Patti: Ahhhhh, that is nice. Well deserved.

Joanna: (baby talk? like what?)

Patti: (goo gah balalala - instead of words he knows. And saying things like, "that's a bloopie bum" just random syllables)

Joanna: (that's funny)

Patti: Andrew Carnegie Medal:

Joanna: Andrew Carnegie Medal - video production

Patti: Curious Garden. That just sounds like it would be good. I'll have to see if we have it at the library.

Joanna: It was a great book. And this video looks awesome!

Patti: It really does. I love the art.

Joanna: And a British voice over is always a winner. Classy and all that.

Patti: Definitely. (Hey, they opened up a breakfast restaurant on Manchaca called "Full English" YUM.)

Joanna: (Have you been? Mmm. Breakfast.)

Patti: (You get an English breakfast. It was pricey, but good)

Joanna: (What's an English breakfast?)

Patti: (Grilled Tomato and mushrooms with your back bacon, egg, and Fried Toast.

Joanna: (Yeah!)

Patti: (Fried toast!!! Who knew.)

Joanna: (drool..)


Joanna: Theodor Seuss Geisel Award for early readers

Patti: NOT Mo Willems for the win. please.


Patti: That cat the cat is lame

Joanna: AH! But it should win! Mo for the honor - We Are in a Book

Patti: Ok, that one was great, but still. a little diversity please.

Joanna: OH BINK AND GOLLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of my favorites

Patti: Awwwww, good choice.

Joanna: Sam loved it, too.

Patti: Solid choice.

Joanna: Okay, I loved Ling and Ting, but this is a good winner. Mmm. Speaking of breakfast. They eat lots of pancakes.

Patti: mmmmmmm

Joanna: Toddler is quiet... KRISTEN! I totally forgot!

Patti: Kristen - intern Kristen? (sorry - texting work.) CALDECOTT!

Joanna: tingles...

Patti: 2 honors

Joanna: WOW! Dave the Potter for win #2

Patti: nice! Interrupting Chicken!

Joanna: Shocker! David Ezra Stein

Patti: I really like it. Charlie did too.

Joanna: Interesting choices. Medal Winner Is My favorite!

Patti: OH YEAH!!!! Sick Day for Amos McGee

Joanna: A Sick Day for Amos McGee. Delightful

Patti: That was a winner in every way. LOVED THAT BOOK!

Joanna: "gentle and satisfying" = for sure. What a huge committee

Patti: Good for them. How cute a husband and wife team won. love it.

Joanna: Yep.

Patti: Finally is right…NEWBERY

Joanna: (and they did Wink: the Ninja Who Wanted to Be Noticed - right?)
(or he did?) NEWBERY FINALLY

Patti: (i can't remember...did they?)


Patti: 4 honors


Patti: nice. haven't heard of it, but nice.

Joanna: HEART OF A SAMURAI (another dark horse)

Patti: haven't read this.

Joanna: ROBBED ROBBED ROBBED One Crazy Summer

Patti: ROBBED. One Crazy Summer for honor.

Joanna: Sweetness - Turtle in Paradise

Patti: Ha!

Joanna: Ha!

Patti: Conspiracy!

Joanna: CONSPIRACY. Um, what is this book? With an awful cover?

Patti: Moon Over Manifest. And what is this?

Joanna: Huh?

Patti: Kansas. Not Florida. lol

Joanna: Ah, plucky historical fiction heroine! LOL

Patti: Plucky...barf

Joanna: eclectic historical folk people

Patti: lol. Well, shucks Joanna, I plum figured One Crazy summer for the win.

Joanna: Me too. I wonder if those historical blips held it back. Or maybe because it has talk of abortion.

Patti: or the mother. but the abortion talk maybe. Didn't Roger from Horn Book say that was the last taboo? Well, on a whole I'm very satisfied. You?

Joanna: yep. Another great year. Another great broadcast. Another great chat with my favorite chat partner. cue groovy new jazz on the ala site

Patti: Thumbs up! I'll edit and post. And we should discuss a new review strategy like doing a series. Hey! Rachel just logged on. Chatting with her. She's excited about Amos too!

Joanna: Yes. Let's have a business meeting. Thanks for editing the post - as you always do. Oh Rachel! I was texting Alison.

Patti: Cool deal! Talk to you soon.

Joanna: Okay, bye. Have a good day at work!

Patti: Have a good day with James! Lucky dog you!

Joanna: Rainy day and a toddler. Good times!


joanna said...

Just a couple notes. I'm surprised not to see They Called Themselves the KKK anywhere.

Also, as a parent with a kid who wears an eye patch - Hooray for the Pirate of Kindergarten!

I'm sure I'll have more to say again soon. Another great year. This was so much fun.

Laura said...

Haha. I'm glad I'm not the only one who watched several minutes of last year's awards before realizing my mistake.

I loved The True Meaning of Smekday! If Michelle did, too, we must talk about it.

Thanks, as always, for posting your chat. This was so fun to read!

Trisha said...

The hat! I think the hat got more love than some of the award winners.

And I'm not sure I could handle Will Grayson on audio, either. Unless there's singing involved. In which case I will listen only to Tiny's songs and skip the rest.

Thanks for the commentary, ladies.

Michelle said...

I actually did not care for The True Meaning of Smekday book. :( I think Sally liked it though! I am almost willing to give it a listen now though!

Oh and Will Grayson on audio ROCKED!

Anonymous said...

My mock group was so disappointed THE DEAMER and KEEPER were not honored by the Newbery Committee, though I see you weren't fond of THE DREAMER.

I'm also a little disappointed with MOON OVER MANIFEST. Another historical fiction...

What was up with CHICKEN, INTERRUPTED? I was really hoping CHALK or THE BOYS would be recognized.

I loved SHIP BREAKER but I didn't read a single Printz honor!

So happy BINK AND GOLLIE won the Geisel.

Were you guys really that hung up on ONE CRAZY SUMMER? What made it distinguished in your opinion? I thought an honor was exactly what it deserved.

joanna said...

I liked Chalk (my 2 & 7 year olds loved it) and loved The Boys. So many good books!

As for One Crazy Summer, I did read Keeper and liked it immensely. More so than The Underneath. I did not read The Dreamer. One Crazy Summer gripped me from the beginning and pulled me through the whole novel. I loved Delphine - her voice, her journey, her perspective on the confusing world around her. More so, I loved the character of her mother. Such a woman, a complex heartbreaking mess of a woman. I know there were concerns about historical inaccuracies, but of the Newbery-age books I read this year, One Crazy Summer packed the most punch for me. It is a daring book and I loved it for that.

I think you can also search the blog and see our initial reviews, which might be more articulate than this comment. Neither Patti nor I read the Newbery winner so we can't say anything about that comparison.

Patti said...

Yeah, I loved that mother. It was an inspired, unforgiving, complex and layered portrayal of a really terrible mother. Who really doesn't get redeemed in the end. We understand her motivations, we see how she made her decisions, but she isn't redeemed. Delphine is mad as hell at the end, as she rightly should be. I loved the complicated relationship she had with herself and her daughters. I loved that the ending was not tied up too neatly. There was a bit of movement together, but still a long (long) road ahead.

I don't know, there really wasn't much I didn't like. I thought it was very strong thematically, that the writing was excellent, and that it had strong setting and characterization.

Nothing else really struck me. One Crazy Summer was a book that got me excited about it.