Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Adventures of Sir Gawain the True by Gerald Morris

A few years ago I was looking for an early chapter book for my son. I read a review of the first book for the series (Adventures of Sir Lancelot the Great) in Horn Book and checked it out at the library. The adventures of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table was a new subject for my son and one I thought would greatly appeal to his Star Wars/pirate obsession. My husband read him the first book that year and last year he read the second book himself (The Adventures of Sir Givret the Short).

This week I read Heavy Medal's post by Jonathan Hunt regarding the newest adventure, Sir Gawain the True, as a fine example of a distinguished early reader and a series book that stands alone.  As it happens my son just finished reading Sir Gawain and it is in our library bag waiting to be returned. Perfect timing.

These books are funny, the narrator occasionally speaks directly to the reader, and there's head chopping and jousting. Okay, Morris also uses these stories to highlight elementary age character building themes like being a good friend, using manners (!!), and keeping your word. These are good things and the author easily brings them up within the context of the story.  I enthusiastically recommend these books. They also make a fun family read aloud if the reading level is above your child's, .

P.S. Aaron Renier illustrates this series. You may know him from his 2010 graphic novel The Unsinkable Walker Bean.

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