Friday, April 27, 2012

Mo Wren, Lost and Found by Tricia Springstubb

If you are looking for a new series for your 7-10 year old reader, please check out (children's librarian) Tricia Springstubb's 2 books about the Wren family: What Happened on Fox Street (2010) and Mo Wren, Lost and Found (2011).

The stories wrap around themes of family - especially the ones you create, being a good friend, and growing up. Mo is the steady older sister trying to hold her father and sister together now that their mom has died. She's thoughtful, caring, and smart. The secondary characters are equally fascinating and real, although I wanted to give Mr. Wren a swift kick in the pants on more than one occasion (for instance, leaving his kids at a laundromat for a few hours.)

In the second book, the Wrens move to the other side of town (across the river) from the homey Fox Street to the anonymous 213th Street. Mo and Dottie meet new people, learn to navigate city streets, help their dad start a new restaurant business, and encounter a local curse. It's scary and different but our steadfast Mo keeps (mostly) calm and carries on. As their dear elderly friend Da says, "fortune favors the brave".

Feel good books that will be a pleasure to read and share. Check them out.

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