Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Disenchantments by Nina LaCour

Good morning, sunshine! How great is this cover? I want that shirt. Plus, it yells, "Summer Read!" "School's Almost Out!" "Road trip!" In fact The Disenchantments just made The Horn Book's list of summer reading recommendations.

I first heard of this title from the (excellent) book site Slatebreakers. I was drawn to it by a couple of points: One, it is narrated by a feminist-leaning 18 year old boy and Two, all the Riot Grrrl references. It reminded me once again how bummed I am that I missed Kathleen Hanna when she came to Jacksonville last year. Also, Carrie Brownstein has popped up all over entertainment news lately with her comedy show Portlandia and her new band Wild Flag. Pretty good timing for this book as LaCour's characters worship her.

While the main plot involves a fantasy summer road trip and longtime friends Colby and Bev and Bev's secret decision to ditch Colby and go to college, it was the end of the book revelations about love, trust, commitment, and freedom that struck my emotional nerve. I may be over-sentimental because it's my wedding anniversary, but dang, it warmed my spirits. Now where is my Wild Flag album...

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