Friday, August 3, 2007

l8r, g8r by Lauren Myracle

This is the 3rd, and dare I say final, installment of a series entirely written in IM. First there was TTYL and then TTFN. I love this series. Don’t let the unusual format turn you off from a touching, well-written story. Yes, even though you may cringe at the thought of reading all lowercase typing, 3 different fonts (including blue type), and abbreviations like “cu”, “ur”, "plz" and “g2g”, it’s such a fun story. Honestly, there isn’t much IM language in here as I thought there would be. It’s really a novel in dialogue. Just think of it that way and give it a try. My favorite girl to read is Angela, aka SnowAngel. She peppers her IMs with descriptive phrases like, "*makes expresionless face while dixieland band marches thru bedroom*", "*taps foot verrrrrry impatiently*", & "*makes slitty eyes to show she means business*". She never fails to crack me up. Maddie does too, Ms. Snarky. Okay, and Zoe in her sweet way.

This go around we have the Winsome Threesome (aforementioned Maddie, Angela & Zoe) in their final semester of high school. They are fretting over all the typical scenarios: graduation, college acceptance, boyfriends (getting, keeping, losing, and dumping), relationships with peers, independence, decision making, and good ol’ S-E-X. Lauren Myracle has always written very truthfully with regards to sexuality and teens. This one is no exception and could achieve near-Bible status in the eyes of some teens (boys and girls) for its descriptiveness. It’s very refreshing. Hallelujah!
Also, we certainly do need Stand Tall for Angela Day! as well as National Pigtail Day. This seems like a great job for a teen out there. C'mon!


Anonymous said...

Awww! You so made my day. Well, erm, night. Thank you for this!!!!

Anonymous said...

i love this book! i have all 3 & i also love angela too!
BUT you failed to mention Big Bunny! :(