Saturday, July 7, 2007

Ana's Story: A Journey of Hope

Well Dear Readers, I've done and read the Jenna Bush Book. I have to say, it wasn't horrible. In fact, I see that it will actually have readers beyond her father's loyal servants. There's not much by way of plot and the story just moves from scene to scene efficiently in short chapters without much weight to them. It's purpose is to tell a simple story and teach us some things about people living with HIV. It's a quick read that would appeal to reluctant readers. There's drama, love, sex (!!!), abuse, and... hope. Since hope is in the title, you know it will end well. It's a very tidy book. The book also has full color pictures for almost every chapter. The pictures in my ARC were black and white and were rather lovely. (Photos by Mia Baxter)

So here's my thought: If Jenna Bush is actually as good as this book is written (and there are murmurs on that), why are we not seeing and hearing more of her? Her family should be putting her in the limelight and letting her speak. Seriously, her dad really, really needs her PR help right now. Bring on Jenna to talk about helping poor kids and stuff and her party girl rep should fade even more and maybe people will temporarily forget to hate her dad so much. Ella puede hablar en espaƱol tambien. Muy bueno, Jenna. I think this book will do well, so good for Jenna.

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