Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Higher Geometry - Sharell Byars Moranville

Anna Conway loves math. She not only loves it, but she’s really good at it too. So good, in fact, that she gets invited to a university math contest with the chance to win scholarship money. Anna is desperate to go. Her father isn’t convinced that it’s a good idea. After all, the life he sees for her is one that leads straight to marriage and children, not college.

Anna is an interesting character. In some ways she embraces society’s views of what a 1950s woman is supposed to be. She loves her boyfriend and is sort of prim and proper even though their relationship is becoming very serious. She defers to her parents in all decisions. In other ways she wants more – like a college degree and a chance to enter a male dominated field.

I’m sort of touch and go with historical fiction. Sometimes I really like it, and other times it irritates me to no end. I enjoyed this one quite a bit. I thought Anna was a realistic character and that she wasn’t just a 21st century girl plopped down in another time period. So in other words she didn’t suffer from Overly Plucky Heroine Syndrome, a disease that has infected many historical fiction books. I really thought that this could have been someone’s story. It was touching, and heartbreaking, and uplifting and I found I was really pulling for Anna to accomplish her dreams.

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