Wednesday, October 17, 2007

gossip girl - what were they thinking?!?!?

hey people!

it’s your oops wrong cookie gossip girl correspondent here.

have you missed me? it’s ok… i’m sure you have.

i don’t have too much to say about our last two episodes but…

what were they thinking?!?!? thanks, patti, for pointing out how wildly inappropriate it was to hear a choir group (of very young ladies none-the-less) singing a rendition of glamorous by fergie. hello!!!! i would love to see the stats on how many people promptly turned the channel and never went back. patti was one of them. at first i was confused. “is that glamorous i hear??? is it being sung by a choir?!?!? are they serious?!?!? it’s a school assembly!!!! this just feels wrong!” but my love for the books kept me on the channel. it got me past that little lapse in judgment on someone’s part… actually it’s gotten me past a lot of lapses in judgment with this show and will probably continue to get me by until the show is cancelled. it’s like making my self finish that book i’m really not enjoying… some call it a gift but i call it a nightmare. i have to finish… something about the way i’m wired i have to finish reading. the only book i have ever NOT finished i plan on starting again. and finishing. one day. but only after i see the movie.

anyway! so, nate is forever a naïve little thing. during last week’s show i was torn. i really wanted chuck to just shut up… mainly because he was forever annoying me as usual. but in the back of my mind i kept thinking, “something isn’t right here, natie. don’t go to that poker game!” and what do you know. chuck was right in his own little way and naïve natie got screwed again. but he did give us a little teaser that his trust fund has been *gasp* taken away! well, he wanted a life without material things. guess he’s about to get it!

b&s… ahhh…. it wasn’t so hard to figure out that each episode would follow the same basic storyline for these two girls… serena tries to do something nice/follow her heart/etc and ends up squashing blair. i’m sure i don’t need to recap for the loyal viewers but for those (patti) that just couldn’t stick with it… first she follows her heart and ends up sleeping with her best friend who happens to be her other best friend’s boyfriend. oops. so she leaves town without saying goodbye because she just feels so bad about what’s happened and blair feels abandoned. oops. now she’s back and they try to be friends but then blair finds out about said Hanky-Panky. oops. then serena and blair make up but serena unknowingly gets conned by blair’s mother into a photo shoot that blair was dropped from. oops. alright, ladies… what’s it gonna be tonight?!?!?

i still think blake lively is a doll. and i hope serena and dan end up having a real relationship for at least a few episodes! i mean, look at them! blake and penn are gorgeous! and even though i’m dying to see who will be vanessa in all her baldness splendor, i’m dying to see serena and dan as a couple so i can see blake and penn as a couple. i’m twisted… i know. comes with the territory.

on a related note, i’m reading the GG Prequel right now! loving it! i will soon be in the know as to why serena left in the first place and I dearly hope it isn’t because she and naïve natie (hmmm, i think i’ve given him a new name) did the hanky-panky. that’s just no reason to leave and honestly… it just isn’t juicy enough anymore!

i guess i had more to say than i realized.

but it’s ok…

you know you love me anyway…

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Kerry said...

I read the prequel---I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. Especially the Jenny stuff. That cracked me up.