Thursday, November 22, 2007

being thankful for gossip girl

hey people!

it's me, your owcgg correspondent! first off, i hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving holiday full of good food, a loving family, great friends, and maybe even a little 5 mile run to start the day off with. (it was an accident. how i could ever confuse a 5 mile race with a 5K race I'll never know but it's going to earn me some extra vaca time at work and it was quite fun... but that's a different blog entirely!)

secondly, you didn't forget about me did you?? i'm sure you didn't, i mean how could you? i've got important information to dish out. without me who would be your connection to the "upper east side"??? well, no fear! i'm back! let's get down to the nitty-gritty, shall we? since i'm a few episodes behind we'll have to back track a bit for some you. here's a little recap of the past 3 episodes for those that missed out. i think a perfect place to start is...

vanessa! what the hell?!?! this is like another character blunder in my opinion. first off, she's got hair!!! jessica szohr is gorgeous. i guess that really isn't an issue but her unbelievably amazing hair is! vanessa's bald head is going to be, i guess, like book jenny's boobs... just non-existant. yet another disappointment. *sigh* but i guess the show needed some kind of issue between dan and serena other than the "we're from two different worlds" card. and i can see how this is already going to be an issue... hot bestfriend and hot girlfriend. this quite resembles nate's predicament in the books, two hot bestfriends one of which turns into his gf... anyway, vanessa's hair is an issue for me as is her impeccable style. but what's new about me having issues with parts of this show???

moving on... rufus kisses lily! who cares if it's only to make bart bass jealous so he'll pay attention to her!?! it was a kiss and it gave me hope that something might be happening there. of course that gets squashed but i'll get to that later.

nate confesses his undying love to serena while at the masked ball. at least he thought it was serena. unfortunately for him it was little miss jenny. or maybe i should say unfortunately for jenny but of course that's going to turn into something interesting as well later on.

dan has finally "picked" serena over vanessa and man... those two seriously need to get a room! they are making out everywhere. i swear if serena could have gotten naked and jumped dan's bones in the courtyard of their school she would have done it! down girl! down!

chuck talks his dad into buying a burlesque club and allowing him to manage it. hmmmm, maybe we should get to that one in a minute...

jenny lets it slip to blair that nate confessed his undying love to her, a.k.a. serena, at the masked ball. of course blair takes it out on jenny and we find her running from the penthouse in tears... once again.

nate's dad has a coke problem and i'm not talking the caffienated beverage kind. when nate's mom finds his stash the captain blames it on nate. what a great dad!

nate's family has dinner with blair's family where there's talk of a marriage. nate gets his dad arrested and we later learn he's been embezzling cash from his company... probably to support his caffeine addiction (ha!) and i think this is where nate and blair break up b/c blair let's on that she knows he's still in love with serena.

blair goes to hang out with chuck at his dad's new investment and decides to let loose... which leads to being loose in chuck's limo... with chuck! ew! that's disappointing too. blair's first time was such a big deal in the series. it was this huge never ending thing between her and nate in the books and in the 8th episode she gives it up to chuck bass! ew, blair. seriously. ew.

chuck is now, naturally, in love with blair. he's like a puppy... it's even more disgusting in a weird, cute, sincere kind of way. blair's birthday is coming up. when nate doesn't show at her party, or call by midnight, chuck is there to hold her up... or hold her... whatever. and serena sees them kissing! guess that cat is out of the bag. now what blair thinks she's doing with chuck, your guess is as good as mine. i think she's crazy or incredibly lonely... i'm gonna go with lonely... or maybe crazy...

wondering where nate was? he was with jenny! *gasp* nate was contemplating going up the party when jenny walked up. nate asked her to go for a walk and a few hours later at exactly midnight they were spotted hugging outside jenny's building. i bet i can tell ya where that's going! but jenny, what happened to eric? he may have tried to kill himself but you two were so cute and innocent looking together! though you and nate could definitely be very naive together!

dan shows up at blair's party with vanessa in tow. she and serena begin bonding over guitar hero. i prefer to do my video bonding over some wii but to each his own, i guess.

dan and jenny's mom comes home! she's annoying, though. is it bad i'm hoping rufus and lily get together? oh wait! that would make serena and dan step-siblings! eeek! well, that's a predicament.

and that's my recap. i think there was an episode last night but my dvr didn't record it and it won't post to the cw's site till saturday. it was a sad night last night when there was no gg to watch. i guess you'll have to wait for that one right along with me.

i feel the tryptophan kicking in... happy thanksgiving!

you know you love me...

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joanna said...

I do love you! Hooray! Wed's epi was a rerun.
(5 mile race? *snicker* we're going to do the trail o lights again. too bad i'll have to pay this year.)