Thursday, January 10, 2008

First book of the New Year: Incantation

It took me a while to post, but I thought I would review the first book I finished in 2008...

Alice Hoffman's newest YA novel takes place in Spain in the year 1500. Estrella deMadrigal lives in a small village with her grandparents and her mother. Her life is idyllic, with a best friend who is like a sister and a special relationship with her mother. Her grandfather is a respected town elder and teacher, and her mother dyes are treasured for their beautiful shades of blue.

Her perfect life is shattered when persecution of Jews, both known and hidden, erupts into violence and betrayal. She comes to question everything she has thought she knew about her family, her village, and herself. Hoffman's lyrical prose and use of the Kabbalistic termanology starkly illustrate the horror of religious persection and witchhunts. Estrella's journey to find herself and her future will move teenagers and adults alike.


Patti said...

This was a beautiful book. I can't imagine why it didn't show up on my favorites for 2007. The lady can write - everything I've read of hers is so wonderfully written.

Michelle said...

I liked it, but I liked Green Angel a whole lot better! :)