Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Zombie Blondes by Brian James

Hannah moves a lot. Like, a lot, a lot. Her dad and her move whenever he loses a job, whenever he can't pay the rent, basically whenever they need to so that they can keep one step ahead of the bill collectors. Hannah thinks it sucks. Her father has promised again and again that it will be the last time. It never is. At least it seems that way until they move to Maplecrest. And then Hannah realizes it really can't be too soon until they move again.

Zombie Blondes, as you might have guessed is (drumroll please...) a horror story involving zombies (I know, I know, I probably didn't need to spell that out). James seems like he probably is a horror fan. He has some of the stock characters down to a tee. The weird kid who knows what is really going on, the new girl who refuses to believe even when faced with indisputable evidence, the scary sheriff, the absent dad who dismisses his kid's worries. Even so, he manages to throw in some new curve balls to the story. The villains in this story are the cheerleaders and according to the tag line on the cover, "They're Beautiful. They're Popular. They're Dead." Most excellent! Seriously, show me a horror fan that can't get behind that! It can't be done.

As someone who absolutely loves horror movies I was excited to read this. It didn't disappoint. Sure it was not terribly inventive, and Hannah does test the limits of believability with how long she goes before she realizes what's actually going on, but its still a fun ride. It was creepy and had a solid twisted ending. Sort of reminded me a little of A Nightmare on Elm Street just in the way that you think Freddie's been killed off, but, oh, nope, there he is driving the bus!

The cover is also incredibly eye catching and was created by artist Sas Christian who specializes in paintings of large doe-eyed girls.

Your horror fans and your even some of your more adventurous chick-lit fans will enjoy this.


Teen Troves said...

Interesting how the zombies are the next big thing. Have you read Generation Dead? I wonder how they compare.....


Patti said...

I haven't, but I was thinking about it. Zombies are definitely in right now, its funny how things get so popular all of a sudden.