Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Twilight Movie

So a few of us librarians went to see Twilight THE movie event of the year and boy was it ever an experience. I had several distinct impressions:
  1. The director must have impressed upon the actors that eyes are the windows to the soul and should be their main method of conveying information. I think if they had acted any more with their eyes they might have popped out of their sockets and demanded a raise. And it was everybody. Everybody. I actually wasn't sure that much eye acting could exist in one movie. I was wrong.
  2. The scene where Bella walks into the science room and her scent is thrust upon Edward by the fan was amazing. He was going to hurl into his hand. I have rarely laughed so hard.
  3. Edward really did look like someone dipped him in a vat of glitter.
  4. What was up with the makeup on the Cullens? That sh*t looked stupid people.
  5. Did it take them so long to kiss in the book?
  6. I am so going to see the next movie.

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