Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Reformed Vampire Support Group by Catherine Jinks

Nina is a reformed vampire. That means she attends her weekly support group meetings to kvetch about how much being a vampire is a bummer. And it really is. Contrary to public thought, vampires are a rather sickly bunch who are in a constant uncomfortable achy state. They aren't terribly strong, they are comotose for 12 hours of the day and so need a safe sun-free place to hang out. And they puke. A lot.

Luckily one of the reformed vampires is also a gerbil breeder and it is gerbil blood that sustains them. Although it is still a rather messy and embarrassing situation to eat one. One that requires a tiled room and much cleaning after meals.

Catherine Jinks has a really dry and witty writing style. I could really sense where she was heading with this story. Unfortunately, it just never got there for me. There were definitely moments where the writing really shone, but for the most part I found it to be a bit draggy. I loved the concept - vampires who are pretty much just bored, sickly, and bitchy, get dragged into a murder plot which keeps expanding out of their control, forcing them out of their comfort zone until they are actually in a reality where they are doing exciting "vampy" things. Although things do get exciting, the plot never really takes off. Part of the problem may have been that I never really connected with any of the characters. Especially Nina, I found her rather tiresome. So all in all, I was rather disapointed.


Anonymous said...

Bummer - I thought this one had promise. I'll probably give it a try anyway - I liked Jinks' H.I.V.E. books.

Patti said...

I loved Evil Genius, so I also had really high hopes. I think I read that PW gave this a starred review. So perhaps it was just that I didn't connect with the book and others really will.

Amanda said...

I really liked this book. Its deffinately worth a try. Not the best book Ive ever read but good fun