Thursday, March 26, 2009

Something, Maybe by Elizabeth Scott

“Everyone’s seen my mother naked. Well, mostly naked.”

Hannah’s mother has a website where she hangs out in lingerie and has video chats with men online. Hannah’s father is basically a Hugh Hefner type who runs some sort of pornography empire and has a reality TV show that follows him around. Hannah is understandably mortified by her parentage.

And so she’s attempted to master the art of being invisible. And she’s succeeded. Mostly. She wears baggy jeans, baggy shirts, and only has one friend – a girl who’s already graduated from high school. She works at a fast food call center with two boys from her high school. Josh, her crush to end all crushes (she’s convinced they are soul mates) and Finn, the boy who irritates her to no end but the one she feels strangely at ease around. What to do what to do!

This was a really sweet book. Hannah is a likeable character whose lack of confidence causes her to misinterpret the actions of those around her. It is probably obvious that the two boys she works with is a set-up for some fun love-triangleish reading. There is also much douchebaggery going on and Hannah’s apparent blindness to said douchebaggery is sometimes a little too much to be believed. But it is a sweet book that will appeal to girls looking for light romantic reading. The blurb by Sarah Dessen visible on the cover won’t hurt either.


lisa said...

"much douchebaggery". love it. not in life, but in literary form.

Patti said...

I liked it here too. It made me want to reach inside the book and give people a solid shaking, but that was a good thing!