Monday, May 4, 2009

The One Where the Gods Stop Laughing

So Margo Rabb interviews Sherman Alexie and much is explained!

MR: Your next young adult novel, Radioactive Love Song, was originally scheduled to be published this spring, but it’s been delayed. What’s happening with it?

SA: We’ve tabled it because I’m working on the sequel to True Diary immediately. We decided to hold off on that because nobody wants something else—everybody wants the story of Arnold’s sophomore year!

To read the full interview (and you really, really should).

I feel better now. I really like being in the know. Many Thanks to Joanna for passing this along and soothing my broken heart :)


Margo said...

I'm glad you liked the interview! I have a few outtakes from it on my blog, too. I really loved that preview of Radioactive Love Song also, and I think the ipod-as-narrator idea sounds interesting...but I loved William's voice so much, I really hope he returns to that.

Patti said...

It was really a fabulous interview! I had wondered if he made that up on the spot about the Ipod? Although I'm sure if anyone could make it work he could.

joanna said...

You're welcome! :)