Friday, May 1, 2009

The one where I read the preview of Sherman Alexie’s new book and wonder if the Gods are laughing at me.

I found a preview of Radioactive Love Song in a dusty corner in one of our library offices - it is at least a year old. Just a chapter or two, 30 pages total of his new book. I consumed it in 10 minutes or less. 10 minutes of rapt reading filled with laughter and me reading aloud choice lines to my colleague. I flip over the book and it says coming in April 2009. But it isn’t. I’ve checked our vendor. I’ve checked other vendors. It is not available! What is up with this people? How could Little, Brown tease us like this?!? Not kind, people, not kind.


Laura said...

Oh, no!

Yeah, I asked about ARCs at TLA and they said the publication date has been pushed back. I asked until when and they DON'T KNOW! Agg!

Sherman Alexie was also supposed to speak in Dallas tonight, but postponed until the book is published. :(

Patti said...

He's got other books coming out or just out, maybe they wanted to stagger them? Any which way, I'm disappointed. It was really good and I want to read it!

Anonymous said...

Yep, they pushed it back. So sad! He talks about it in this interview: