Monday, June 1, 2009

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

One of my colleagues was a lucky recipient of one of the mailed out copies of Catching Fire. She read it in about an hour (Ok, maybe like a day) and then I ripped it out of her hands and devoured it. There are few series books where I don't have to re-read the first to remember what happened. Hunger Games is one of the few where the entire plot has just stuck with me.

I can happily say that it lived up to expectations. I was a little worried it would suffer from middle book syndrome, but I don't think it did in the least. It was exciting from start to finish, there were fabulous plot twists, ones that I never saw coming. The same themes are continued from the first book. All in all, totally consuming and fantastic.

There was loss, betrayal, redemption, and action. I wish I had the third one already. I can hardly contain myself. Need. Sequel. Now.

Awesome job Ms. Collins!


robin_titan said...

I am so JEALOUS!! You lucky, lucky lady. :)

I can't wait to read it!

Patti said...

I felt so lucky! It's good to have important friends!

joanna said...

I would love to see this series kick some vampire butt. Blast those sales into nothing.

Suzanne Collins is genius. Sick and twisted for sure, but a genius storyteller.

And yeah, it's nice to have important friends - and important friends who haven't had all their mail forwarded yet!

Kelly said...

Jealous. A LOT jealous.