Wednesday, June 10, 2009

One Tough Customer

Girl: Do you have books about wizards?

Me: Of course! Is there a specific book that you're looking for?

Girl: No, just books about wizards.

Me: let's go over here (we walk to the stacks) Oh great, How about So You Want to be a Wizard? (I hand her the book which unfortunately has an old ugly cover)

Girl: I want a book about wizards where they learn to be a wizard, make mistakes, have adventures. Yeah, books like that.

Me: ( that's exactly what I handed you, but let's take another look) Ok, let's keep looking to find some other ones. Ok, how about this (can't remember the books but they were wizard school books)

Girl: (looks at me crazy) "Um, I want a book where the dad is a wizard and he marries a wizard and then she dies and he marries a non-wizard and things get complicated, yeah, books like that."

Me: Is this a specific book about wizards that you've heard about?

Girl: No. I just want a book like that.

Me: ....(thinking that her request is pretty specific, but I guess it's always good to know what you want) Well! It might not exist yet you might have to write it!

Girl: *smiles*

We did end up finding her books. The Children of the Lamp to be exact.


fashionable librarian said...

I love when patrons come in with stuff like that. Or something like "remember those books I read about 5 or 6 years ago? i don't know if they were fiction or non-fiction but i remember i liked them a lot...who were they by?" and it's like...i don't remember what i read 5 years go.

Patti said...

They really say the funniest things. I got such a kick out of this girl.