Monday, January 18, 2010

Joanna and Patti React...To the Youth Media Awards

Patti: hello! where do we go to watch this thing? I forgot to forward the email and my work password has EXPIRED!!!


Patti: sweet, thanks!

Joanna: so we just wait here, i think.

Patti:: so it says 7:45 EST so 6:45 Central time right? Too early for this.

Joanna: yes.

Patti:: Excellent. Cdog had a total meltdown this morning. I think it was related to the fact that he ate nothing for the past two days and was starving.

Joanna: no! J is fussing right now. i can't believe he heard me make coffee. so this should be an interesting morning! thank goodness sesame st starts at 7.

Patti:: ha! Have you ever watched the Fresh Beat Band on nicolodeon? Hilarious

Joanna: no! and hey! thom has to announce the alsc/newbery winners since he is pres of alsc! just saw it on his facebook!

Patti: Really! that is cool! Well now I have to check out the facebook too

Patti: hey it is up! tell me when you see it and I'll click

Joanna: see the webcast?(out changing diaper)

Patti: Yes, refresh!No worries, let me know when you're back

Joanna: LOL on!

Patti: Let the announcements begin

Patti: There is elevator music. Should there be elevator music on the internet?

Joanna: heh

Patti: Ahhhh! Preannouncements have begun!

Joanna: we on on! coffee poured. baby on lap w/ bottle.we rule.

Patti: Super, moving to a room that does not include my son :)

[We are now talking about the Alex Awards. -jn]

Joanna: BRIDES SFAREWELL~!!!!!! I totally forgot about that. mmm. my coffee is good.

Patti: Cool! I'm back

Joanna: too bad i have no knowledge of audlt lit.

Patti: That Soulless sounds awesome

Joanna: STITCHES!!!!!

Patti: Just the top ten?

Joanna: (J is very entertained w/ my 3 open windows! he's laughing)can't be here all morning.

Patti: I guess the entire list would be mammoth

Joanna: Hi, Thom!

Patti: Thom! I like his tie

Joanna: me, too. mic isn't tall alison show alison show alison

Patti: I feel like we're listening to click, clack moo.just the feedback. The FEEDBACK!!!

Joanna: OMG. you are exactly right. president talk = coffee time

Patti: That is too funny, I was just reaching for mine. Glorious coffee.Reading is great, blah blah blah Let's get on with it!

Joanna: Marcelo?

Patti: Good guess

Joanna: Anything but typical?

Patti: (Schneider Award) Django? Never heard of it

Joanna: Djang - best young children's book.Djano Reinhart is a super. You'll love his music.

and you've heard it lots of times.Anything but typical!!!

Patti: Ha! You totally called it

Joanna: Nora Raleigh Baskin did a good job.drumm rolll

Patti: She really did. I liked it. Good god! You're good

Joanna: but it is Mar SELL O.Not Mar CHELL O

Patti: Interesting how there was 2 autism books awarded

Joanna: I didn't realize the Schneider Award was for autisim. That's what Camila said.

Patti: Oh Ha!

Joanna: So that limits it?

Patti: Well, that explains it. Although the first dude had burnt hands not autism. Or did he have both?

Joanna: Maybe she said autism and disability experiece.Hm.On too.. Coretta Scott King.

Patti: Cool how it is announced on MLK Day

Joanna: Happy Dr. MLK Day, indeed!whoops. who just won the lifetime achievement?

Patti: Have they announced it?Click Clack MOOOO,WALTER DEAN MYERS!!!

Joanna: Well, Walter Dean Myers! Of course. He's awesome.

Patti: Awesome. How has he not won this before?

Joanna: You know, he'd make a good children's lit ambassador!

Patti: Yes! he really would. He is such a nice man.

Joanna: 1st year they started the Virginia Hamilton Lifetime Achievement award.

Patti: Well that explains how he hasn't won it before.

Joanna: Steptoe Award for New Talent: The Rock and the River

Patti: Makes a lot of sense, this one has gotten tons of buzz. We'll have to get more copies in our system.

Joanna: I want to read it.

Patti: Illustrator award: My People, Langston Hughes

Joanna: Iove that a photography book won illustrator!!

Patti: and the illustrator is gone! Wish I had caught his name.Nice! Mare's War for the honor

Joanna: (cute alert: J is clapping w/ the audience).WHOA! Here's a book I heard nothing about in the Mocks.

Patti: Author Award: Bad News and Outlaws.That one seems very cool.

Joanna: very.

Patti: Love the cover.(adorable about J)

Joanna: Me, too. Illustration looks fantastic.(S's up too.)

Patti: YALSA!!!

Joanna: Thom is back to announce YALSA.getting shivers

Patti: teen reading is good, blah blah blah... Oh hey,The Magicians made Alex too. Margaret A. Edwards Award...Jim Murphy...and I'm stumped.

Joanna: An nonfiction author! Bodes well for nonfiction in the awards.It's a nonfiction year!

Patti: that's nice, I have no idea who he is, but I'm sure he deserves it.

Joanna: you know his books.

Patti: (C is running up and down the hall screaming)

Joanna: I think he also wrote Truce w/ came out this year.

Patti: Oh, ok. That one seemed interesting. Alison talked about that one at our Liar book exchange.William C Morris: William was called Bill (aka unneeded factoid)

Joanna: quick! a guess to the winner!

Patti: Hold Still.ha.WRONG!!! Flash Burnout for the win

Joanna: So it's funny to see names of people I know.

Patti: I haven't read any. They all seem like good books.

Joanna: I've been a librarian for a looong time.

Patti: LOL.Nonfiction award up next.

Joanna: another guess for this one!Could it be Claudette Colvin?Hmm.

Patti: Claudette Colvin seems like a solid guess.(now C is banging on the door)

Joanna: How funny that I read almost all of those.

Patti: I've got to go for Written in Bone

Joanna: Couldn't fiish Charles & Emma.LOL!

Patti: Charles and Emma!

Joanna: Charles and Emma for the win!

Patti: Aren't they making a movie about this too? I believe I just read something about a movie about them. Based on this book? I don't know.

Joanna: (J's latest talent is to "paint" with his bottle's leftover milk.) A movie would be good.

Then I don't have to finish reading it?

Patti: (nice, hopefully on your wood furniture)

Joanna: (mm. and sofa)

Patti: I have no plans to read it, we'll just add that onto my list of not going to read.

Joanna: PRINTZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patti: PRINTZ!!!!!! My heart is palpitating

Joanna: Honor: Charles & Emma

Patti: Charlies and Emma! That was on a lot of people's lists

Joanna: Monstrumologist!>!>!>!????

Patti: MOnstrumologist! Good choice.

Joanna: Totally off everyone's Radar!

Patti: Punkzilla = depressing.

Joanna: WHat are these books!??

Patti: Tales of the Madman Underground.

Joanna: Rick Yancy was great @ the Teen Book Fest.

Patti: Lots of surprises.NOT Marcello

Joanna: drum roll! HOLY SH*(&$&&!!!


Joanna: Libba Forever!!

Patti: Another one I couldn't read! But I love Libba Bray. How cool!

Joanna: I have it checked out right now.It's in my bag.

Patti: And out of left field comes The Printz Award. That is nice.

Joanna: See NO MARCELLO.I'm almost awesome.It was too perfect in it's ending.

Patti: And in Going Bovine the dude dies. See? Books are better when people die.

Joanna: Well hells bells, Patti:. I haven't read it YET. ;)

Patti: I haven't either. Sorry! On to Odyssey Award.

Joanna: Odyssey Audiobooks:

Patti: Love L.A. Meyer. Love her books

Joanna: Peace, Locomotion!

Patti: Nice, We are the Ship.WINNER: Louise, the Adventures of a Chicken.I haven't even heard of this, despite it being DiCamillo.

Joanna: Same here.

Patti: Click Clack MOOOOO

Joanna: Pura Belpré

Patti: Marcello? haha

Joanna: maybe Confetti Girl (J fic)

Patti: We Were Here by De La Pena

Joanna: Illustration: David Diaz - Diego

Patti: I didn't like that one. Oh well.

Joanna: My Abuelita - Yuyi Morales.LOVE this book. Sad itdidn't win. John Parra-Gracias Thanks

Rafael Lopez - Book Fiesta (dia de los ninos/dia de loslibro).Cute.

Patti: Pat Mora for the win, surprise surprise.

Joanna: Yes, but for illustration.

Patti: oh right haha

Joanna: But yes, Pat Mora.(diaper changing. brb)

Patti: Honor Books for Text:Diego Bigger Than Life and Frederico Garcia Lorca.Winner: Return to Sender by Julia Alvarez.I meant to read that one.

Joanna: so no marcello?

Patti: Nope!

Joanna: Now that is a shame.I loved that being Mex-American wasn't central to the theme. But maybe that is why?

Patti: (dang it cdog just came in the room. Thankfully for a book)

Joanna: Mex-Am is who he is. There is some stuff about his dad in law school at Harvard and racism in the law firm.(Cdog cracks me up.)

Patti: (he's crying that he want's mommy to read to him)

Joanna: (sorry he doesn't like TV)

Patti: (me toooooooo)

Joanna: (J&S are watching batman & scooby doo video)

Patti: (lucky lady)

Joanna: Arbuthnot Honor Lecture :

Patti: Ohhhh Lois Lowry to announce

Joanna: No, she wins!

Patti: oh! ha!

Joanna: Or is given he lectureship.Hee.

Patti: (I'm sitting here feeling guilty I'm not reading "Silly Goose" to C)

Joanna: (so this chattin is so dang fun)

Patti: (yes) That's nice. I really like Lois Lowry.(and I'm hungry and Lugnut is clawing at the door to be let out)

Joanna: I can get this one if you need to break.Batchelder Award: Honor: Big wolf and little wolf (picture book?) Eidi. Moribito 2 (Moribito 1 won last year)

Patti: You know, I thought Moribito would be a huge draw, it hardly checks out at any of our branches.

Joanna: A Faraway Island for the win.We should booktalk it more? To staff?I haven't read it.

Patti: Me neither, it just seemed cool and had a cool cover. I expected bigger things.

Joanna: SIBERT MEDAL - informational books

Patti: Written in Bone! I hope anyhow.

Joanna: heh. DAY-GLO Brothers from AUSTIN!!

Patti: fabulous.

Joanna: Almost bought Moonshot.WHOA! Claudette Colvin for the Honor.

Patti: come on written in bone for the win....


Patti: ALMOST ASTRONAUTS! Color me surprised.

Joanna: Oh fun times on blogs. People have strong feelings against this one.

Patti: Apparently the writers bias was not as important as we thought. Very interesting.

Joanna: I didn't think it was as bad as others. But noticeable.

Patti: Yes, lots of debate. I like these types of winners. Who wants something we've all expected?

Joanna: Interesting on how that editorial voice will be considered from here on out.

Patti: I'm glad, I did like this one. ontoVideo award, Andrew Carnegie

Joanna: I love surprises.

Patti: Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!

Joanna: Mo's first win of the night!Can't be an ALA awards w/o Mo winning something.

[note: a clip of Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus is showing.]

Patti: LOVE IT! Maybe C would watch this. Love the voice.

Joanna: But it is narrated by Jon Scizeka.= awesome.

Patti: I bet your mom would let me. Best line of the book.

Joanna: This is really funny.

Patti: hahahaha Love the freak out.

Joanna: I love the Noooooooos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from the kids.Geisel Award: aka Mo Wilems?

Patti: ha! probably.Let's Do Nothing is my guess.

Joanna: Honor: I Spy Fly Guy.Little Mouse Gets Ready! GN by Jeff Smith and Toon Books!

Mouse & Mole...Pearl & Wagner.

Patti: cute!

Joanna: a graphic novel!Wins!No Mo!

Patti: CUTE!!!! Love it. Benny and Penny.Wait, this is a beginner reading award. Let's Do Nothing isn't a beginning reader.Get on the ball!It's good that Willems didn't win. You shouldn't win awards every year.

Joanna: Caldecott Medals. I finally read Lion and Mouse this weekend. ALL THE WORLD - another AUSTIN WIN!

Patti: Nice! ATX in the house

Joanna: Red sings from treetops (new book to me)

Patti: me too.

Joanna: MEDAL....IS....Lion and the Mouse

Patti: awesome!

Joanna: Jerry Pinkney

Patti: I bet a lot of people go home happy today. I haven't actually seen it. I'm sure it is wonderful.NEWBERY

Joanna: NEWBERY COMETH. 4 HONORS: Claudette Colvin!

Patti: Lots of love for Claudette.

Joanna: Well well well...Calpurnia

Patti: REALLY!!!! Race issues not an issue apparently.

Joanna: Where the Mt Meets the Moon! Still not finished. PATTI:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patti: HOMER!!!! Loved this book. Sooo funny!When you Reach me!

Joanna: Well, no surprise here. When You Reach Me for the Newbery.

Patti: No upsets on the Newbery, that's for sure. Everyone had talked about these books.

Joanna: Well, Homer Figg is a surprise. And I am shocked about Calpurnia Tate for the Honor.

Patti: me too. VERY.

Joanna: (hee hee. Thom is telling us to clean up!)

Patti: And we'll never know what their rationale was.

Joanna: Yep.

Patti: And cue elevator music.

Joanna: Ah, more elevator music!LOLSoothing guitar picking. Pseudo jazz?

Patti: LOL! well, it was lovely chatting! I will clean up and post.

Joanna: You are awesome. I had a great time. Same deal next year.

Patti: Definitely! Fun Fun Fun!

Joanna: Have a great rest of your MLK Day. Back to paying attention to my kids.


Jenn H. said...

Thanks for posting it. Don't have gmail, but I was imagining the convo while listening. Big surprises! Maybe I should do Going Bovine for the Book Exchange in Feb.?

joanna said...

It was a great time. I read our conversation again! LOL You should do Going Bovine although it might be hard to get the book.

Michelle said...

Oh yall are hilarious! This was so much fun this year! Let's totally do Going Bovine for February. I found an arc in my stack of books recently. And boo to Patti for ruining it for me!

DogEar said...

I couldn't get through Going Bovine, either. It was torture! Why were you guys surprised at Calpurnia Tate? I thought it was spectacular.

joanna said...

DogEar, I enjoyed Calpurnia very much. During our Mock Newbery, the issue of race and Viola came up and several members voiced concern over how slavery was, in their opinion, brushed aside with the grandfather's comment of "that's what she knows" or something like that. (I don't have the book on hand.) So since we had issue with this, we were curious about the real Newbery Committee. To note: we did pick Calpurnia as one of our Mock honor books.

Patti said...

For me, specifically it was when Calpurnia was asking her grandfather how Viola could stand working all day in the kitchen and he answered, "that's all she knows." If he had answered something like, "that's the best of the options available to her." or something like that I wouldn't have batted an eye. But the truth is that is NOT all she knows. This wasn't long after slavery. Viola could have been their house slave. There is just a whole bunch of complex relationships and reasons as to why she can stand working hard in the kitchen every day. Like she is black in a hostile environment. Like she has no family left because they've all been sold off. And so on and so forth. I really liked the book, I loved Calpurnia, loved the ending. Hated that part. For me, that ruined the book. It left a bad taste.

Kerry said...

I quite liked Going Bovine. It was hard to read in the beginning but it really got going. I was sad to see it end.