Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Conversation about Megan Whalen Turner’s A Conspiracy of Kings


Patti: So...I'm onto Conspiracy. Sophos is a slave and is having dream meetings with, I assume, Moira. About 50 pages in I guess. I'm trying to savor (unlike the first 3 that I flew through on my re-reads)

Joanna: Oh good! Do you want to know if you are right?

Sure! But no more. If I'm right - I've been noticing quite the plan of the Gods for these 3 countries to work themselves together. If I'm wrong...I don't know what the heck is the driving force.

Joanna: You are correct.

Patti: Oh good. I was almost positive I was. Obviously there must be a plan from the Gods orchestrating this whole thing.

Joanna: Which is interesting for you to say because I think that helps me figure out books 5 & 6. Potentially.

Patti: Cool! I want to know what those are, but I'll wait to ask when I'm done. But my suspicions are that it is all a big set up to get the 3 countries in tandem to fight off the Medes.


Patti: He’s just shot Heklkjlkjljk (whatever his name was) and shot the Mede and found out there are 10,000 Mede soldiers!!! I am enthralled!

Joanna: Long live the lion king of Sunis!

Patti: Now I’m to the point where he finds out it was Moira (after he has to fix the insult to Eddis)

Joanna: Almost done…

Patti: Done! Gen is king of kings!

Joanna: Gen is a mastermind, but I’ve been thinking a lot about your theory of the gods. He said that Attolia told him where Sophos’ army would be, but I’m thinking that’s Moria again b/c she also told the Mede ambassador at the end of Queen of Attolia? When he “rescued” her from Gen’s kidnapping. So book 5 from Eddis’ perspective? Someone in Mede?

Patti: Gen is definitely being pushed in certain directions. They all are. I think Eddis would be nice to be next, or it might be someone not as central – like Costis was. But a Mede would be interesting too. Maybe that slave that was serving Sounis, but betrayed him and is now in jail? It does have to be someone who has access to Gen because he’s where the action is. I can’t wait! I loved when Sophos was a slave – that was my favorite part of the book – watching him come into his own. Fabulous!

Joanna: I also thought that part/his slavery wasn’t nearly as brutal as I anticipated. His kidnapping was brutal (as was the idea that his family burned under the house) but his treatment was generally good. I liked how he often thought of his situation in reference to when Gen was the Thief on their trip and how he wasn’t gutter trash like they assumed. He also entertained with stories – only myths and not poetry. Very interesting line between the two characters on their paths to being leaders. And I thought that those slaves from that guy would become part of Sophos’ guard. Like he would go back, free them and have them work for him. But yes, Sophos is great. When he shot the Mede I cheered! I also love how he commented that he hated the Mede Ambassador’s cheap hair oil – just like Attolia! See, that’s where the author is so skilled. Keeping up with the backstabbing and spying is tough. But that’s what makes it so good.

Joanna: AND I love the ridiculous ending with the conversation between Sophos and Gen. Something like “I didn’t mean for you to shoot him!” “But you gave me the gun!” Ha ha ha we’re friends. The End.

***LATER when we’re discussing Joanna’s Top 10 YA Books***

Patti: So are you going to use a Turner for one of your Top Ten picks? I really liked the comment about how the King of Attolia is really YA. I think if I had heard that (or thought about it more) I would have picked it.

Joanna: I was thinking about Thief, but my favorite might be Queen of Attolia.

Patti: I liked that one a whole bunch too.

Joanna: I really love her [Attolia] She's an interesting character. How she came to the throne, for sure! Murderess!! That's she's smart - brilliant - but has no interpersonal skills because of who she is. And that she is really really funny! But keeps that stoic stone face. Like we see that she can't be who she really is, even she doesn't know so much. As opposed to Eddis who wears pants and has short hair.

Patti: I love her and Gen together. They have a great give and take. A ying and yang. Totally different perspectives and approaches which complement each other. I also love how Attolia hates Eddis BECAUSE Eddis didn't have the same situation as her. Oh so good.

Joanna: She is so deep. So many levels that are SLOWLY uncovered and almost NEVER spelled out. You have to infer, see the clues.

Patti: yes. yes. yes. totally. Nothing is ever dumbed down.

Joanna: For Sure Weetzie Bat. Another one is This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen.

Patti: it was really hard. I do think my latest faves were perhaps a bit too much in my conscious, but what are you going to do.

Joanna: your runner ups are good reminders. I'll probably have How I Live Now.

Patti: Well, it wasn't easy to pick and there were so many where I was like, I loved it, but did I ever think about it again?

Joanna: Exactly. And there are those that I was thinking about from when I was a teen and wondering if I read them now how would they hold up? I think the YA YA YAs posted about that.

Patti: yes, how she re-read one and it totally fell apart. I did like Christopher Pike, but I couldn't remember any individual titles, except for one where the sister gets really skinny because she doesn't eat anything but carrots. And looking back I think, "why didn't she turn orange???"

Joanna: Ha! Or have x-ray vision!

Patti: Or grow whiskers!


joanna said...

we crack me up.

Patti said...

We're a funny bunch :)

Kate Coombs said...

This was fun, since I just read Conspiracy of Kings (and reviewed it). I love-love-love these books. The King of Attolia is my favorite so far.