Saturday, March 6, 2010

Independent Comics and Uninhibited Cuteness

Today I attended the sixth annual Staple! Independent Media Expo for small press and independent comics. I went with a friend of mine who hopes to one day be animator, so it was enlightening on many fronts. I'll admit, my understanding and knowledge of American comics is a lot weaker than Asian ones. But there were some here that I really love.

Paul Benjamin and Alan Porter of Boom Comics! and Marvel Adventures fame were nice to visit with. Alan revealed at least two more Cars comics are in the works. Colleen AF Venable of the Bearded Ladies let me flip through her new comic, Guinea Pig Pet Shop Private Eye, which I already plan to purchase for the library. She also revealed future collaborations are in the works for her at First Second, one of my favorite comics small presses. Guy Davis (B. P. R. D) and Chris Schweizer (Crogan's Adventures) were also in attendance, though I didn't get a chance to speak with them.

The most exciting part for me was the Q & A with Andy Runton. I absolutely love Owly! And Andy is such a nice guy. He freely discussed his decision to do"cute" comics as a personal choice (he tried action, super-heroish stuff and hated it). He also revealed a lot about the publishing process and the years of hard work that being an independent comic involves. When asked why Owly is silent, he admitted that he " just bad at dialog." But that is okay with us!

Andy's perspective on all ages comics was refreshing and you could tell that he really loves what he does. And there will be more Owly! And two Owly picture books! Oh, we also got to see the new clip he and Sprite Animation are shopping around in hopes of an animated series. Check it out!

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That video is seriously cute.