Monday, November 29, 2010

Only One Year by Andrea Cheng

Reviewed back in June by Alison.

I had to read this one twice before I could really get a feel for it. It is deceptively simple and I think the quality of writing could be easily passed by because it is written so plainly and is so straightforward in its presentation. That would be a shame, because this is a book with incredible depth.

What I thought was so wonderfully done is how the family, the young sisters especially, dealt with the year that their 2 year old brother spent in china with his extended family. At first the girls are almost inconsolable, their hearts are heavy with the loss, but they gradually learn to live without their brother and the pain becomes easier to bear. I really appreciated witnessing the reintegration of their brother back into their family and how that brought new pains.

I appreciated the juxtaposition of cultures between Sharon's family and her best friend Isabelle. Really you should just read Alison's review because it says everything I want to say.

This is an absolutely lovely book.


For those who are keeping track, I'm reading this for our Mock Newbery.
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Jenn H. said...

You are right,Patti. This book was so lovely and simple. I loved how much Cheng showed us in so little, especially the dollhouse scenes. Can't wait to discuss it with the group.