Monday, June 13, 2011

What We're Reading at Our House - 2

Today is the first day of summer vacation for my 2nd grader-now-3rd grader. Here's what we checked out at the library last week. (Part 1) What are you reading? Any suggestions for us?

Picture books:
  • Where's Walrus? by Stephen Savage (Scholastic, 2011)
    2.5 year old really liked this and it later wooed 7 year old who initially turned his nose up at the wordless book where "it's soooo easy to find the walrus that you don't even have to try." But there is a story and he got it and liked it. Surprise! I love picture books. [see video!]
  • Not Me! by Nicola Killen (Egmont, 2010)
    Little one enjoyed it, but didn't get that each child's name rhymed with his naughtiness (Paul painted the wall)
  • Race You To Bed! by Bob Shea (Katherine Tegen Books, 2010)
    We love Bob Shea and yet I own none of his books. Hm. This one was enjoyed by both Little and Big Kid. The lamp is a carrot! I mean really. Shea is just too good.
  • Simms Taback's City Animals (Blue Apple, 2009)
    Taback's Where is My Baby was both boys' #1 favorite board book. This one is "A Giant Fold-Out Book" that I never saw before our librarian used the jungle version for storytime. It's super cute as you fold out parts of the page to reveal which animal it is. The last one is a mouse, but I totally thought rat. Kind of gross if you think about it. 
  • Blue Goose by Nancy Tafuri (S&S, 2008)
    Tafuri was a go-to author for my storytimes. I was not as familiar with this one as her others (my branch didn't own a copy) but she seriously is one of the best.
  • Three By the Sea by Mini Gray (Knopf, 2010)
    LOVE Mini Gray at this house. This one was not quite so loved by Big kid, but there's so much to look at in her illustrations. Mouse's kitchen cookbooks are hilarious. 
  • 2 Thomas the Tank books because we cannot leave the library with out something Thomas. I do think it's cute that he'll go up to the librarians (we have a children's and a teen librarian) and tell them he wants either Thomas books or Thomas movies. Then he goes back later and shows them what he picked out. They play along very nicely. (And he is stinkin' cute so he's hard to resist.)
Chapter Books & Comics

  • Geronimo Stilton
    7 year old loves loves loves these. I like the inclusion of different fonts and colors used to help with word comprehension.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow : The Pirate Chase by Rob Kidd (Disney)
    Big kid saw the new Pirates movie a couple weeks ago and he picked this book out but I don't think he's read it. All of a sudden it's not what he wants.
  • Tin Tin, Uncle Scrooge, Donald Duck Adventures, Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures -
    annnd this may be why he's reluctant to read the Pirates book. Too many comics!
  • Stone Rabbit: Superhero Stampede by Erik Craddock (Random House, 2010)
    Big kid loves this series.
  • Bone, volume 3 by Jeff Smith
    He started reading Bone last year but never got past #1. I think he's a little young, but he really seems to be taking to it now.
  • Museum of Accidents by Rachel Zucker (Wave Books, 2009)
    I forget how I learned about Rachel Zucker who writes, for lack of a better term, 21st century mama poetry. I'm making an effort to read more contemporary poetry and she has a style (both subject and format) that I like very much.
  • When I Was Puerto Rican by Esmeralda Santiago
    It's hard for me to not like a coming of age memoir. Prep for our trip to Puerto Rico. I also got some Rosario Ferré and Judith Ortiz Cofer is on hold.
  • Swamplandia! by Karen Russell
    Haven't started this yet but will this week. 


Christi @ Rumination Avenue said...

I need a crash course on modern day poetry-thanks, for the Zucker recommendation. Puerto Rico? ¿Cuando?

joanna said...

I think you'll like her, Christi. We go to PR at the end of the month - just me & G. First vacation... er, ever.