Sunday, July 17, 2011

What We're Reading at Our House - 3

I'm reading more than I have in ages, but nothing really to blog about yet. Patti and I both read Laini Taylor's Daughter of Smoke and Bone (Little, Brown 9/11) and will chat about it later...ONE HECK OF A CHAT.

So here's what we are reading at our house.

Still on his Geronimo Stilton kick and added Thea Stilton to the mix. I also introduced him to Big Nate by Lincoln Peirce and he's a big fan. Also, before Big Nate Strikes Again (#2) came through on his library holds, he was reading Ramona and Beezus. I'll have to hide the 3rd Big Nate from him until he finishes that one. Girl books rarely make it into his hands.

Picture books:
Purple Little Bird by Greg Foley (Blazer+Bray, 2011)
Greg Foley's Bear books are some of my favorites. I saw this one on the shelf and did a happy dance. Purple Little Bird looks for a new place to live. Colors, animals, and gentle sweetness.

That's How! by Christoph Niemann (Greenwillow, 2011)
Fun for both my boys. I love its over-the-top silliness and imagination.

Let's Count Goats! by Mem Fox and illustrated by Jan Thomas (Beach Lane Books/S&S, 2010)
Saw this just hanging out on the library shelf and grabbed it immediately. Mem Fox AND Jan Thomas?! Yeah, it's hilarious. It is reminiscent of one of the greatest picture books of all time - Where is the Green Sheep? also by Fox.

If Rocks Could Sing : a discovered alphabet by Leslie McGuirk (Random House Kids, 2011)
We all love this one. Fascinating, whimsical, and funny. As if collecting rocks wasn't fun for my boys as is, now we can try and find some that look like letters. Thanks to Bookends Book Blog and Book Moot for the tip.

My books:
All These Things I've Done by Gabrielle Zevin (Macmillan 9/11)
We love GZ here at Oops. When I went to TLA I beelined for Macmillan only to be told they were out of ARCs but they would send me one. I declined thinking how much better it would be to wait for its release. Nice thought. When Patti went to ALA in June she snagged one for me. I'm not finished with it yet.

The Borrower by Rebecca Makkai (Viking, 2011)
Well looky here. An adult book. My cousin pointed this one out to me. It's about a children's librarian! I'm 1/2 way and so far I'm not sure what I think. Have any of you read it?


Anonymous said...

There's a new spinoff coming from Geronimo, it's called Creepella Von Cacklefur? You know, for the spooky spy rat fans! -Aubrey :)

joanna said...

AUBREY! Thanks for the tip. We'll have to look out for it. Yay!

Ms. Yingling said...

I love Big Nate. Don't know why I think he is better than Wimpy Kid, but I do!

joanna said...

I like Big Nate quite a bit, too. This spring I finally let my 7 year old (2nd grader) read Wimpy Kid and he's read the first 4 or 5. I know many of his friends & school mates read them and I held off not for any special reason other than there are so many great books for his age that I don't want to rush all these others on him. Same with Lightning Thief and the Harry Potter 4-7 (a.k.a super popular w/ movie tie-ins).

Amy said...

I am the waiting list for The Borrower - I was really excited about it, particulary all the references to kids books, and then I read?/heard? somewhere that is really kind of a I'm a little less excited now. Will be interested to hear what you think when you finish.

joanna said...

Well Amy, I didn't care for it. I skipped around, read the end to see if that would make me want to go back. But no. She runs off with a 10 year old kid and I just couldn't get past that no matter how much I enjoyed the rest of her character. The book references are fun (although nothing contemporary). The library working is fun, too, although also a bit outdated. (Fooling the volunteer teenager working the circ desk into believing you are another patron and not having to show any ID at all... please.) But I will like to hear what you think about it.