Thursday, September 1, 2011

Slog's Dad by David Almond and Dave McKean

I very much liked the previous collaboration by the author and illustrator. This time the storytelling is more sentimental and positive than harrowing.

Slog’s dad died after a sudden illness where he lost each leg, one at a time, starting from his toe and working up to his thigh. Slog, his mum, and indeed the whole town liked this man who sang hymns while collecting their garbage.  Slog’s grief leads him to tell his astonished best friend Davie that he thinks that’s his dad sitting over there on the park bench. That homeless guy? Yes!  Davie thinks Slog is crazy, but maybe...  Is that his dad who said he would come back? Good, beautiful stuff. The images of Slog clipping the legs off a paper doll threw me a punch in the gut.  I loved this 50 page illustrated novel.  I think I would be great in a middle school.

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