Friday, January 27, 2012

Traction Man is Here! by Mini Grey

It has been Traction Man city in our household lately. I have to read both the original Traction Man is Here! and the sequel Traction Man Meets Turbodog on a daily basis to my almost 4 year old. He. Is. Obsessed.

He loves the adventures that Traction Man gets into. And I love the subtle encouragement he gets to use his imagination when playing with his own toys. Need a villain? Have pillows handy? Voila! You’ve got some evil pillows that can take your toys captive! Have to wash the dishes? Surely that dishcloth has nefarious intentions! Even your toes can get involved!

The best part is that I often overhear him talking to himself about an all-in-one knitted green romper suit with matching bonnet. Then I hear him giggle. He immediately recognized that Traction Man was not impressed with his present. I think he finds the embarrassment that Traction Man feels wearing such an ignoble outfit quite hilarious.

He also enjoys the sequel quite a bit – especially the bin-things that I like to make sound like Gollum (All those esses! They were made for that voice.).

I am pretty darned thrilled that in May there will be a third entry into the series, Traction Man and the Beach Odyssey.

In my online searches I did come across a few fun finds. There is an awesome printable paper doll that the UK Random House has on their website. I think it is amusing how they are called "Activity sheets" when they are so obviously paper dress up dolls. Heh.

Book Source = Library Copies


mary kinser said...

My almost three year old LOVES Traction Man too. As soon as we return our copy to the library he runs to the shelves and wants to look for it again. Obsessed is right!

Charlotte said...

when my son was that age, our scrubbing brush disappeared from the kitchen and became a brave pet. Scrubbing brush needed his own Christmas stocking that year, and let me tell you, it is HARD to find gifts for a scrubbing brush.

joanna said...

A new Traction Man book! I love him and Mini Grey. All his outfits crack me up.

Patti said...

You know what is funny is that when they go over to Granny's house and everyone gets a present - my son was like, "but what did scrubbing brush get?" I was stumped the first time and said I guess nothing? Now when we read that part where everyone gets a present he goes, "but not scrubbing brush" and shakes his head like it is a bloody shame that they forgot to get him a present too. Kids are so incredibly funny.

Charlotte I love that you have a stocking for him!

Kerry said...

I might have to check that one out for my kid.