Friday, March 30, 2012

Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake

This sequel to Anna Dressed in Blood starts fairly soon after the first book ends. Anna has dragged the Obeahman to hell (or wherever it is ghosts go). Cas is still reeling from losing her and is having trouble moving on. Mostly because he doesn’t feel as though she’s truly at rest. It doesn’t help that he keeps thinking he hears her laugh, or spots her dress, or sees her hair in the corner of his eye. Pretty soon, he’s sure that she’s haunting him and, turns out, she is.

Girl of Nightmares is substantially different from the first installment. But where there is less ghost hunting there is substantially more conspiracy. Luckily it totally works. The characters and storyline are strong enough to move along in a new direction (which, really it would have to right? How long can a romance go on between a ghost and a ghost hunter? Actually, don’t answer that. Readers, consider yourself lucky ).

We’ve got a secret society that looms large, which is very fun. We’ve got a new character that is going to show up in sequels that is going to be a match for Cas and challenge him in several ways. We’ve got people with secret pasts and secret missions. It is good stuff. And it whips up to a frenetic conclusion.

It is published in August and already I can’t wait for the sequel. I Want it now!

Book Source = Renee's Review Copy

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