Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Savvy by Ingrid Law

Savvy is about a very special family. Each Beaumont wakes up on his or her 13th birthday with a magic power, or a “savvy.” When Mibs’ poppa is seriously hurt in an accident just days before her 13th birthday, she is sure her savvy will be the power to wake him up. In her desperation to get to her father, she gets her family (and a boy her age and his older sister) in an adventure full of laugh out loud moments, near disasters, and first kisses.

Savvy is rich with funny descriptive language. The Beaumont family and their powerful secrets live right on the line between Kansa and Nebraska; here’s how Mibs describes it:

Monday through Wednesday, we call our thin stretch of land Kansaska. Thursday through Saturday, we call it Nebransas. On Sundays, since that was the Lord’s Day, we called it nothing at all, out of respect for His creating our world without the lines already drawn on its face like all my grandpa’s wrinkles.

I heard lots of buzz about this book at ALA, and it's already a Boston Globe - Horn Book Honor Award winner. Maybe an APL Mock Newbery title?


Michelle said...

If you liked Ingrid Law's Savvy, check out its companion novel Scumble - Coming this summer!

joanna said...

Yes! I can't wait. There's an arc being passed around my department so I have to wait my turn.