Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Generation Dead by Daniel Waters

In the not-too-distant future, American teenagers are coming back to life after they die. Zombies, or the pc "differently biotic" or "living impaired," are now a part of daily life, going to high school and trying out for football. For Phoebe the livItalicing impaired are especially intriguing since she loves death metal, goth fashions and poetry. When Tommy Williams, an especially functional dead kid, tries out for the football team, Phoebe's not the only one interested.
This is a unique take on civil rights issues, as well as what exactly it means to be alive. Generation Dead even tackles the meaning of friendship and still has time for angsty goodness like a love triangle and teen rebellion. Lovers of zombie movies will enjoy the references and discussions about what makes a zombie.

I was struck at the beginning by how much it reminded me of Twilight. Creepy, outcast girl likes strange, beautiful but dead boy--strangeness ensues.....So, maybe this could be a read-alike, although the ending is very different and in some ways this is a much more grown-up and realistic story. Either way, it is worth checking out.


Teen Troves said...

I can't wait to read this one. The publisher said they sent us a copy (like a MONTH ago), still haven't gotten it. Grr! Have heard some good things about it!


Jenn H. said...

Just saw the Teri Lesesne also reviewed this one this week!