Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Things that came in the mail

So I got to work this morning and some catalogs had come in the mail for me. I’m always excited about catalogs, the colors, the pictures, the pretty…you get the picture. So I’m thumbing through the first one from Tilbury House. The books are mainly picture books with a message, some non-fiction scattered in. Everything is going fine until I hit page 14 and I see the title “Everybody’s Somebody’s Lunch.”

Yes indeedy, the picture book that deals with predators and prey and teaches that although we like to think there are “good” animals and “bad” animals, there really aren’t. So that’s all fine and dandy, and truly this book is probably great – what do I know? I’ve only seen it in the catalog. What really struck me about it is the pretty little girl on the cover. Because if everybody is somebody’s lunch, then I’m left wondering whose lunch is she?

Somehow I doubt the book touches on that. If it did, it might be kind of awesome, because it would probably have zombies in it.


joanna said...

another Patti Post has made my day. Thanks!

Kerry said...

Oh yeah, a book about zombies for little kids would rock.