Thursday, June 12, 2008

Artichoke's Heart by Suzanne Supplee

Rosemary is sweet, funny, and is always helping out at her mom's beauty salon in her small town of Spring Hill, Tennessee. She isn't happy with herself, though- she wants to drop some of her 190 pounds. When a regular customer and friend has a heart attack related to obesity, Rosemary starts getting drastic in her efforts. Throughout the book, she attempts to lose weight in both unhealthy and healthy ways, which was realistic. She also helps other people deal with other addictive behavior, ranging from alcohol to perfectionism.
Rosemary's life is filled with women - the only male character in the book is her love interest. Her family consists of her mom, aunt and grandmother. Despite this weird coincidence that seems a little too scripted, the characters in this book are humorously realistic, and I thought this was a great book on self-image and battling weight loss, especially for young adults. I also thought it was so spot-on in its depiction of American southerners- it reminded me so much of my extended family. I especially love the friendship between Rosie and Kay-Kay, one of the most beautiful girls at school.

This book was released today on Amazon!


Patti said...

This sounds cute. And that cover is fabulous. Its giving me a wicked craving for chocolate, but still fabulous.

T.W.E. Foreverr<3 said...

I've read the book before, and I love it!
I just searched it because I couldn't remember Kay-kays name.
Thanks for the help(:!

JessicaaHayes;-) said...

i read this book and i actually am doing a book report on it in school tommorow! i searched it because i forgot the book at home, and i needed Rosemary's lover's name lol. thank you alot;-D

Anonymous said...

i just read this book, & i'm doing a book report on it right now. i loved it! great book!