Sunday, June 22, 2008

Delicious Seasons by Rainbow Buddy

I read this short GN a week or two back, but I just kept forgetting to review it. Picked it up because of the nice cover and the interesting name of the author/mangaka.

Xiao Qiu is a young college student who loves to cook and decides to take a well-paying job as personal chef for a guy with some serious stomach issues. Unfortunately, he happens to be one of her more obnoxious classmates; it doesn't help that he is very picky and often forgets to eat. Things get even more complicated when her best friend asks her to help make a fabulous birthday dinner for her new boyfriend.

The storyline catches the interest and could probably keep a few readers involved; there are even short recipes for Chinese dishes spread throughout the book. Sadly, the editing is awful. At places you can't even figure out what the text is supposed to be saying. It appears to have been translated by a non-native English speaker and, while on those merits it is quite well done, for anyone who is a native speaker, this book falls flat and constantly trips one up. I was really disappointed, since I genuinely liked the premise and the art style. However, I just won't be able to recommend this graphic novel for purchase or check out.

That being said, definitely pick it up just to flip to the short story in the back.....who exactly is male and who is female here? I am usually pretty good at this game, but I still don't have a clue!

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