Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen

Another lovely gift from ALA Midwinter!

If you are a Sarah Dessen fan, you already know this story of a boy and a girl and a summer. No new territory explored here. Kissing? Check. Tears? Check. Hilarious and snarky moments that will make you laugh out loud and reinforce your belief that Sarah Dessen is wicked-funny? Yup. And, as Patti said to me last week, cue the loner boy. Well of course! These are not bad things. These, in the hands of Sarah Dessen, are potentially very good things. In fact, these are things we want from her because no one writes it like she can. You will purchase this book for your library.

This book made me happy. First of all, we return to Colby, setting for one of my favorite Dessen books, Keeping the Moon. There are some returning characters and, of course, the Last Chance Cafe. (mmmm onion rings...) Second, the supporting characters are nuanced and interesting, another Dessen hallmark. Heidi, Maggie, Adam, and the mom and dad = awesome. Third, the insomniac storyline works. Lastly, and totally biased here, baby. Descriptions of first smiles and sleepy cuddles warmed my mommy heart. She had me at the wave machine. [Note to Sarah: Thanks for "the elevator". Totally worked on my 3 month old.]

On the downside, I never bought into "the breakup" and found the introduction of the ex eye-rollingly convenient. But really other than that, color me pleased. If the truth is to be told, I did not like Lock & Key and am not a huge fan of Just Listen, either. Shocking! I really worried that perhaps my appreciation for The Dessen was waning. Thankfully Along for the Ride kicks it back into gear.

Notes on the cover: Really, faded jeans with a white polo shirt? For Eli? A dress, dress, for Auden? In pink? Did the book designers even crack this book open? ::sigh::

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To be published June 2009

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Patti said...

I'm only 1/2 way through, but you're smack dab correct about the cover. Whoever that dude is, he's not Eli.