Sunday, February 1, 2009

Untamed by P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast

Guilty pleasure time! I love that part of our job is to read things that we enjoy just for fun, not just literary merit.

SPOILER ALERT--If you haven't read the House of Night books, this synopsis might spoil a few things from the previous books.

So, I read the newest episode in the House of Night story and it is probably my favorite so far. It is action-packed, serious, and much less angsty than its predecessors. In the beginning of Untamed, Zoey Redbird has alienated her circle of close friends, lost all three boyfriends from the previous volume (1 feels betrayed, 1 is no longer Imprinted, and 1 is violently dead), and has incurred the wrath of the school's principal and Head Priestess, Nefret. And while Stevie Rae is no longer the walking undead, we're not sure what she is and in saving her, Aphrodite is now human.

Now a new student shows up, the mysterious and hot Stark, an archery champion from the Chicago House of Night. What part will he play in the ongoing drama? And which girl will snag him? And Erik is not out of the picture completely, either. Did Heath survive the breaking of the Imprint and is he angry? Plus, what are these strange flapping night creatures that seem intent on attacking Zoey when she is alone?

This volume has it all: demons, angels, dogs, new cats, nuns, witches, war, blood, redemption, and a new evil for the group to face. How will they thwart what could possibly be the end of the world as they know it?

One other cool part of reading this series is finding out who in our world is actually a vampyre. Here is my favorite reveal in this volume:

" Feeling better now that Nala was working her purr magic on me, I tried to lose myself in the book I was reading, Ink Exchange by my current favorite vamp author, Melissa Marr, but not even her hot fairies could keep my attention from wandering."

Yeay, Melissa Marr! So, if you enjoy your vampire stories with a little bit of teen angst, check out House of Night. I consider it YA lit's answer to Laurell K. Hamilton!

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