Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Buffy Season 8 – Volume 2. No Future For You

Previously: Volume 1: The Long Way Home.

Faith has always been one of my favorite Buffy characters. You know, because she’s tough and mean and always seems to make bad decisions. Her storylines are always complex and interesting, which makes her super fun to watch or read about. From the first moment she was introduced on the show, I preferred her to Buffy. Which does not mean I didn’t cheer loudly when she got her comeuppance (comeuppances?). I certainly enjoyed her getting put in her place. It’s just that she’s such a survivor. I knew she’d be back.

This one starts off when Robin (the old Sunnydale HS principle and Faith’s ex) calls her and lets her know that they are taking out a nest, but that one of the vamps had kids. He apologizes for calling her and says, “I never would have bothered you if I thought any of these girls could take care of them, but…” And so begins another story where Faith again gets the worst assignment. She misunderstands what Robin means by “take care of. ” Poor Faith. Faith is tough, mentally and physically, but she always does get the short end of the stick. Some might say she deserves it, but I can’t help but feel like they use and abuse her. Anyhow, she’s infinitely more interesting than Buffy.

All that doesn’t mean I dislike Buffy – just that she tends to get a bit holier than thou. Lots of things are about her, but not everything. You know? She displays this lack of insight during this storyline (every storyline?).

We get more info on the big bad of season 8 - Twilight. Not much, but we see him, albeit a masked him. And we discover that he has a master plot, which surprise surprise (*ahem* not) seems to include killing Buffy and to put an end to all magic. I did a stupid thing then – I got too interested and wanted to read more about him since I’m waiting on volume 3. Big mistake. I stumbled right on a major spoiler (want to be spoiled too?). Dang. I knew that was going to happen. My fault for looking though.

I’m still not entirely feeling the slayer army, but luckily in this installment they don’t feature into the story all that much. Still, there was plenty of ass-kicking including one awesome scene between Buffy and Faith. We also find out why Dawn is a giant. Ah Dawn, why did you think you’d be any luckier in love?

We end with some uncomfortable truths coming out between Willow and Buffy and what looks like an estrangement. Can’t wait until Vol. 3 gets here!

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