Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hold Me Closer, Necromancer by Lish McBride

Is there a better title than this??? Everytime I think about it, I literally end up singing. Partner that with a blurb from author fav, Sherman Alexie and that for some reason I'm really into necromancers right now (thank you very much, Kelley Armstrong!) and I had to read this arc I picked up from Henry Holt at TLA.
Sherman Alexie did not let me down. This was a hilarious book! I'm thinking Christopher Moore for the YA set.
Sam is a first year college dropout who works at Pudgy's (yes, Pudgy's is the name of the restaurant!) with his other slacker friends. When their game of knock the potato around out back goes wrong, they attract the attention of the wrong customer. Enter this week's Big Bad, Douglas, a crazy, powerful, evil necromancer. He takes one look at Sam and flips out.
It turns out Sam (short for Samhain) is a necromancer too and Douglas doesn't fancy competition.
Crazy hijinks ensue. Talking severed heads, zombie pandas, being locked in a cage with a super hot, naked werewolf/fey hound hybrid type of hijinks. This is Lish McBride's first novel and she tells a really tightly woven story, with awesomely snarky, memorable characters. Really a first class riot. I can only hope for a sequel! 5 stars. Ages 14 + Published in October 2010.


Patti said...

I was definitely intrigued when you talked about it at book exchange. Now I'm dying to read it! May I get on the list to borrow?

I'm with you, if Sherman Alexie blurbs it, you just can't help but trust the man. He's awesome.

I've never read Christopher Moore. Have you? I'd say even the cover looks reminiscent of his books.

Michelle said...

Katrina's next, she's fast though so you'll get it soon. Oh you would LOVE Christopher Moore. I can't decide where you should start with him... they are all so good! I think start with Practical Demonkeeping or Bloodsucking Fiends - a lot of his books borrow characters from others so it's good to start from the beginning.