Monday, May 24, 2010

Buffy Season 8 - Volume 5: Predators and Prey

This volume is definitely the weakest one that I’ve read so far. A lot of little chapter type storylines, but no real overarching story arc that ties them together. It’s like a whole bunch of filler episodes that will probably contribute something to the final story, but aren’t going to show up on anyone’s top ten list. I guess, if there is an overarching theme it is that life is getting tougher for the Slayer Army ™.

So we have cute little stuffed vamp kitties that want to eat slayer ovaries, a giant spider, Harmony getting her own MTV reality TV. show (hilariously titled “Harmony Bites), Faith fighting a fear demon, and Dawn getting turned into a porcelain doll with a creepy Geppetto type character.


Next up: Oz! That's got to mean better things on the horizon...right?

The Long Way Home
No Future For You
Wolves at the Gate
Time of Your Life

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