Sunday, September 2, 2007

Agnes Quill: an Anthology of Mystery by Dave Roman

I was working on a graphic novel list for work and Patti suggested I look at Agnes Quill, which she remembered ordering for us. Intrigued, I got a copy from another library.

I have to say that this was such a fun book and would be a good candidate as an intro graphic novel for someone who might not otherwise pick one up. (yeah, I know, what are those people thinking?) Agnes Quill is a collection of stories, or cases as Agnes is a detective of sorts who solves mysteries for the dead and sometimes quasi-dead/not entirely human. I know! Sounds great, right? Veronica Mars, fantasy/haunted gothic city version.

All of the stories are written by Dave Roman, but are illustrated by various artists. One of them is Raina Telgemeier, who is the illustrator for the adaptations of the Babysitter's Club. I've never liked that series, but the GN version makes it more interesting. (Note: Dave and Raina are married. AW! This is super duper cute. Double note: Raina is wearing a Harry & the Potters t-shirt... DAVE did the CD cover for this album. Note #3: See this essay by John Green on BSC. Note the 4th: I swear, the world is a small small place. God bless it. Take 5: Holy cow! Check this and this out... all you Harry & the Potters fans.)

So back to Agnes. You can read some of the stories online. This book is a great find. Read & enjoy.

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Patti said...

ohhhh, I requested this before I left on vacation. I'm looking forward to reading it!