Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What Joanna Is Reading

Hello, Friends. I have been unable to finish reading a whole novel this past week. There are a handful of factors, but none more dominant than laziness. Lazy lazy lazy... which is actually me watching TV.

One reason is that I've been waiting for my copy of Sandman: The Wake (vol 10). I was on a wait list, then there were copies available and still they were not coming my way. So I finally called a library directly. It better be there tomorrow. I have about 5 Sandman spin off GNs sitting by my bed begging to be read, but I can't until I know how it ends!

While waiting for Sandman, I cracked open
HERO by Perry Moore. This is a book I've been meaning to read since I got an ARC at TLA in April. Then I saw him at ALA in June and thought he was just fantastic. It still languished on my shelves until last week, but what made me stop reading was...

A Wrinkle in Time. I haven't read it since 5th grade when the "Advanced Reading" group I was in read it. We made a mural of the book and it hung in our cafeteria for a while. I really don't remember this book at all, which is making it a satisfying read.

Also in progress are:
Bullyville by Francine Prose


Behind the Eyes by Francisco X. Stork

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deban said...

I had to read "A Wrinkle in Time" for my 4th grade reading class -- I made a diorama out of a shoe box based on the book. Good times!