Wednesday, September 19, 2007

gossip girl

hey people!

it's me! your official "oops... wrong cookie" gossip girl correspondent! you might be curious about how i got this job. well, it's simple really. first, it's not a job. it's a privilege! secondly, i'm a fan. a HUGE fan. if there's a gg book out, i've read it. if it's release date is around the corner, i'm waiting on pins and needles for its sweet, sweet cover to slide into my hands. and tonight's premier of gossip girl on the CW is no exception!

when i heard the CW would be taking on this Sex in the City for teens series i was ecstatic! but also a little nervous. i mean, this is, in my humble stuck-as-a-teeny-bopper opinion, excellent entertainment! (granted, there may not be a lot of, if any at all, literary merit to these books, according to some people, but they are a great source of entertainment. honestly, that's why i read. period. entertainment. call me a bad librarian if you feel the need to do so but it's true. and i like to think we all have our reasons for doing the things we do or enjoying the things we enjoy. to each his own, i say! Cecily - if you read this, which i'm sure you won't, i ADORE your books. it's a pleasure to read them and i will be sad when the gg series [maybe i should say the series as i know it cause i'm thinking you are about to bring in new characters and i don't know how i feel about leaving serena, nate, blair, etc behind...] and it girl series come to end. which, i'm hoping, is a very long time from now! when i got to the final pages of one of the gg books and saw little miss jenny humphrey was going to boarding school... my heart did a little flip-flop of joy! more books! but... i digress... horribly...) can the CW do this series justice? how in the world is this going to work? i'm guessing there will be some editing of the language and i bet nate will be sitting around smoking a lot of cigs vs. pot.

but none the less i'm doing a countdown to show time as i type this little introduction of myself. i'm giddy with excitement over here! i can hear the buzz already... "is that serena? serena's back? serena's back! what's she doing here? serena serena serena serena"

one minute to spare!

you know you love me...

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joanna said...

Woo hoo! FUN! So I haven't read the books, but I sure did enjoy watching that last night. I can't wait for your recap.