Thursday, January 8, 2009

Another Twilight Article

Can be found on the Guardian blog.

Edward Cullen, the vampire hero of Twilight, has promising moments of sexy nastiness at first – "he turned slowly to glare at me – his face was absurdly handsome – with piercing, hate-filled eyes" – but then lets the side down with his über-conservative dress-sense: "He was removing a light beige leather jacket now; underneath he wore an ivory turtleneck sweater." NB, Ms Meyer – vampires should NEVER wear beige.


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Jenn H. said...

Wow! She's good. She summed up the series so well. Even the part that forced some of us to actually finish it....

Thank goodness people like Cynthia Leitich Smith are bringing back the bad vampires....I'll blog about "Eternal" later.