Thursday, January 22, 2009

I, Q Book One: Independence Hall by Roland Smith

Q, short for Quest and his new step-sister Angela have been packed up and put on a bus to tag along on their newly married parent’s music tour. They aren’t sure about the close quarters, or to be honest, each other, since they barely had time to get to know each other before their parents’ married. Besides the potentially awkward tour, Q is seriously worried that he’ll never feel full again since his new step-father only serves vegetarian meals. This, of course, turns out to be the least of his worries.

Angela’s deceased mother – the one that Q has been instructed not to ask about – turns out to have been a secret service agent. One who was killed by terrorists. At least that was what Angela and her father were told. Turns out there was more to the story, much more and Q and Angela get pulled into figuring out what happened.

There were some really fun characters introduced, especially Boone, the roadie who is so much more than just a roadie. A roadie that inexplicably hasn’t aged a day since the decades he last toured with Q’s mom (I sense a mystery that will be developed in later books…Area 51 anyone? Just a thought!).

This is a pretty great novel aimed at upper elementary and junior high aged readers. It is straightforward, occasionally a little stilted and obvious in its setting up the plot with things being told instead of insinuated and intuited by the reader. Regardless, the plot advances quickly and the reader is pulled into the intrigue of Angela’s mother’s supposed death.

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