Monday, January 5, 2009

Let it Snow by Green, Johnson, and Myracle

I've been wanting to read this for awhile, and thought what a happy coincidence, I should write about it since it showed up on Jenn H.'s favorites for the year.

I wasn't sure how the set up would be. If it would be in the alternating chapter style of Nick and Norah's or if it would be something different. It turned out that the stories were separate but related. Maureen's Johnson's story was first, introducing us to the time and place and several characters. John Green's was next introducing new characters that were tangentially related (although not all are tangentially Swedish) to the first story. Lauren Myracle's finished it up by introducing a third set of characters that pulled all three stories together (while also completing its own story).

There was no second guessing who wrote the stories. Even if the story's author had not been listed, the reader would have been able to pick the author out in a second. Johnson's story featured her trademark humor and Green his witty banter. I'm not as familiar with Myracle (despite being forever haunted by images of cats suckling), but her story was as enjoyable as the rest.

I think Johnson's story was my favorite (perhaps because Noah was such a tool it was fun to read about him? Although Green's JR solidly won my heart), but I did like all the stories and loved the way the characters entwined and came together. It was a sweet romantic book that featured a snowstorm, adversity, and Christmas miracles. All around a nice story that the girls will enjoy.


Jenn H. said...

It was my Christmas read, and I really loved it. That said, it did make me a little homesick, since it is set only an hour from my hometown!

robin_titan said...

I have this one but still haven't read it :( I should really get to it sounds really cute :)